Writing Techniques & Tips

Writing techniques are one of the most important aspects for whatever you write. Used correctly, they can make the story more interesting , whether that by by using descriptive words, or adding in punctuation to add just the right effect. In this , I will demonstrate how to use those two aspects, and other various things, to make your story more appealing and interesting for the reader!


8. Tips- The 'Zone'

**Authors note: Okay, I switiched this chapter and the new one around because this one makes more sense as a 'Tip', and the other one makes more sense as a 'Technique.' I wanted to have the two types of chapter alternating, so sorry if I've caused you any confusion!**

So, in this chapter is a little bit different to what I normally do.  In this chapter, I will give you techniques on how to focus if you have an idea in your head, or simply need to write something! 


First off, get everything you need and might need around you.

-Get a glass of water, or any other liquid substance which you may need the quench your thirst with.

-Also grab a snack. It doesn't have to be healthy, but as long as you have something which is ready for you if you are hungry, it's fine.

-If you're writing with a pen , have a few spare pens so if you run out, you have one right there. If you are writing with a fountain pen, have a few ink cartridges beside you

- If you're writing with a pencil, get a rubber and sharpener at the ready. When I'm writing with pencil, I keep a little pot beside me to put my sharpenings in.

 Basically, the above will stop you from having to get up, which you do not want to do whilst you're in the 'Zone'.


 Secondly, make sure the area around you is relaxed. You don't have to light scented candles or whatnot, but if you're in a place you're comfortable in, then you will be able to focus better. 

-Put on music. If you know a band who's lyrics are both inspiring and powerful, put their album on. It'll both relax you and give you inspiration! 

-Don't sit somewhere rigid. You are not at school. The whole atmosphere you are trying to create needs to be calm, and school certainly isn't that. When I write, I write on my sofa because I'm comfortable there. 

-Try and keep away from any noise. If you're siblings are screaming in your ear, it is going to make you feel tense and it won't do any favours for your concentration, so head to somewhere else in your hours which is more tranquil. 

-Let go all your negative thoughts. If something that has happened, or may happen, is bothering you, worrying about it is going to completely take away any focus whatsoever. And of course it will not help with your tension levels. 


Now you've got everything you need to start writing! But what if you can't think of anything

-Brainstorm. That's my number one tip. If you're aiming to write another chapter for a book, try and think of the possibilities that could come next. Don't just go in the standard direction either. Brainstorming things which sound silly can actually help! 

-Don't get up. Many  people have suggested pacing for a bit. It works for some people, however it takes you away from the writing area you've created to focus, which will consequently take away your focus.

 -Write about something that happened to you that day. It can be as boring as you like, but it will get the gears in your brain going, which will help for your writing. 

-Look at your surroundings. Think of descriptive words, similes and metaphors to describe then. This will really help with both focusing and your work!


 I have explained everything you need in order to focus l so you can start your piece of literature. If you would like any more explanation on this, or anything to do with writing, comment below and I will help as quickly and as well as I can!

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