Louis sister

Ashley gets invited on tour by her brother Louis.
Will she fall in love? Will something bad happen?
Find out by reading the story!


1. Tour


POV Ashley

My name is Ashley Tomlinson; yes I am Louis Tomlinson’s sister.

At school I get used by directioners how?

Well they pretend to be my friend and then I invite them over and they would go straight to Louis room.

Sometimes they find out that Louis is at home so they would be extra nice.

Now I just ignore them and I don’t have any friends like usual. Well I did have a BEST FRIEND but then she went to the popular group.

In music every girl would pick a One Direction song.

Louis is really good at singing, but I have never met the boys…

I am 16 turning 17 in 2 days but no one really cares.

Soon we end school and have SUMMER!

But I used to be with Louis all the time…

Now he has concerts pretty much every day and when he’s not at concerts he would be in interviews or photo shoots.

We are BEST FRIENDS me and Louis that is I would always Skype him every night.

My brother is together with Eleanor Calder. She is really nice well she is my only friend except for my brother.

“ASHLEY!” I heard Louis shout.

“LOUIS?!” I shouted while running down the stairs to find Louis and Eleanor.

 I gave Louis a bear hug and did the same to Eleanor. Oh yeah I call Eleanor Eli!

“What are you guys doing here?” I asked.

“Well we wanted to be with you! Oh we have a surprise for you!” Louis said while hugging me back.

Mom came fast walking out “Hello Louis!” she said while hugging Louis.

“Mom!” he said while hugging her even more. Eleanor hugged my mom then they both sat on the couch.

“Well, we were wondering if you wanted to go on tour with us” Louis asked me.

“YES!” I said while hugging him.

“But then you have to end school early” he said, “I don’t even have friends at school Boobear!” I said Eleanor laughed at when I said Boobear.

“Well ok then! Pack your bags! We are leaving today at midnight!” He said I rushed up to my room got my red suitcase and started packing.

It only took me an hour for packing. I walked downstairs Louis and Eleanor were talking.

“Boobear I am done!” I said.

“Ok then now we will have to go to the tour bus and you will meet Harry, Niall, Zayn and Liam.” He said while walking out the front door.

There was this big bus that was black and had ONE DIRECTION written all over it.

I walked in the bus it was cool there were 4 other boys on the sofa.

They looked up at me, “who is this fit girl Lou?” a guy with curly hair asked.

“You do know that I am right here!” I said while putting my suitcase were the other ones are.

“This is my sister Ashley” he said. “Hi” a blonde boy said.

“Hi” I said while waving to them.


I walked up to these bunk beds I picked one on the top and put my pajamas there.

There was this bed curtain there so I pulled it so you couldn’t see me.

I folded my pajamas and put them on the pillow.

I climbed down and started walking to the couch Harry and Niall moved aside so I had room to sit.

I felt tired but didn’t bother to go to my bed I just layed my head on Harry’s lap.

I slowly closed my eyes.





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