Freya and Niall all in love as boyfriend and girlfriend when one night they decided to sleep in the old shed in the forest. But at the start of the night a fire started. A fire which met Freya's death. Now Freya's got another chance. She had been given life as a new girl Paisley Thornton a few months before the fire. If she wants to have never have died in the fire she has to get Niall to fall in love with her before the fire. And Freya finally gets to see herself from Paisley's point of view and maybe she wasn't as friendly as she thought she was.

"I hate myself, I'm a horrid person."


1. The Night Of The Fire

Notes: Hey guys! itsgeorgia_ here! Just to let you know this fanfiction includes a lot of sadness and pain so if you don't like that sort of thing you might wan't to check out my lovey-dovey 1D fanfic "I took you home". Btw they're not famous! Thanks for reading, Georgia xx


Buzz buzz!

The small vibration in my pocket indicated to me that I had a text as I wandered through the forest, getting mud all over my new pink converse. I reached into my pocket to pull out my Blackberry, every bit of me hoping it was him. My boyfriend, Niall Horan. My face lit up as I opened the text.

From: My Nialler<3

Hey babe, meetcha @ the shed in around an hour. Still at Jims house. Love you beautiful<3 

-Niall xxx

Niall always made me smile with his texts. He always added either "Love you beautiful<3" or "Love you gorgeous<3" to the end of each one. It wasn't really a shed in the forest. It's like an abandoned tiny wooden bungalow with to small rooms that me and my friends often have sleepovers in, but we all call it the shed, makes it sound more modern and cool. Tonight me and Niall are sleeping in there. We've been dating for 7 months now and we're both 19. I decided it was best to text back, to make sure he knew I had got the text.

Hi babe<3 Okay then, don't take to long though. You know I don't like being in the forest on my own, you know that. Its getting dark aswell. Love you<3 

-Freya xxxxxxxx

I was telling the truth when I don't like being in the forest on my own. It creeps me out. Usually I walk up with Carly and Layla or some of my other friends. That night was the first night I walked up on my own. Finally I was in sight of the shed, I was walking slow at first but then I heard a hoot coming from the trees and I sprinted at the shed. As normal as it was I just wanted an excuse to run into the shed.

I walked in the first room which had two old and uncomfortable arm chairs, a portable stove and a fold up table and chairs set. The floor was covered in rugs to keep it warm. I dumped my night bag onto one of the arm chairs and walked into the other room. To see Niall sat on the double bed that me  He'd tricked me!

"Gooday mate!" Niall laughed trying his best at an Australian accent, but his Irish accent was much cuter. I ran up to him almost getting my foot caught in a battered rug and placed a kiss on his soft lips. 

"You didn't actually think that I would let you stay here on your own for a whole hour did you?" Niall asked smiling down at me as I gripped onto his shoulders loosely.

"Kinda, but partly because I was surprised myself that I got signal here." I replied smiling back at him planting yet another kiss on his lips. 

"Well I'm gonna cook us up a romantic meal as I said I would so if you get changed into your formal clothes first whilst I begin to cook the meal then I'll get changed after you. Oh and as you can see I've lit some candles for the romantic effect so please be careful, I know what your like! We don't want to start a fire or anything!" Niall smirked at me and I giggled. I was massively clumsy. 

"Come on babe, don't be silly. That won't happen!" I reassured him patting his chest as he got my night bag from the other room and shut the door to let me get changed.

I walked over to the window and shut the curtains which looked like they were about to fall off. Ok, I will admit it. The shed was a mess but it was a cool hangout. I pulled out my lilac dress which I had bought the week before when Niall suggested that I wore a dress. I was about to try it on when my phone vibrated again. I gave a little sigh before pulling it out. I didn't even have to think about who it was from I knew it would be from her.

From: Mummy Haywood:)

Have a good time tonight darling, Niall's a good lad and I'm glad he's your boyfriend. Spain's hot again as it has been since the day I arrived. I can't wait to see you again soon, missing you lots!!!! Lots and lots of love from Mummy xx

She had been doing a work course over in Spain and she texts every single night, which I love. If Niall wasn't my boyfriend I would've been feeling so lonely.

Will do Mummy, love you and miss you to<3 Whatchu been up to recently then? Frezzy xxx

So I continued to get dressed pulling the mini lilac dress over my head. I loved the dress. I gave a few twirls and pulled out my curlers and my diamond headband. I drug my headband through my hair after plugging the curlers in. Strand by strand I curled, the more flowing and bouncy the better. I was finally satisfied with my appearance. And unplugged the curlers from the power pack.

"Well we wouldn't want a fire starting now would we?" I muttered to myself packing them back in my bag whilst also rummaging around for my silver heels. I found them underneath my pyjamas and I slipped them on. I called them the "Blister heels" because every time I wore them around 10 new blisters would appear on the back of my foot. But unfortunately they were the only shoes (other than an old pair of fading purple sneakers at the back of my closet, if you really want to go there) that matched my dress. I creaked open the door slightly and Niall's head shot round from his phone.

"C'mon then beautiful, let me see your outfit!" He begged and a smile spread across him handsome face as I walked out giving a nervous smile and the only word that leaved his mouth was "wow."

"Wait two seconds I need to do something!" I said hopping back in the room slamming the door shut. I just wanted to see if my mum had text me back. 

I zipped my bag open realising it was in my jeans pocket and my jeans were probably at the bottom of the bag. As I was searching through my stuff I saw a plastic rat the one of my prankster friends Rebekah had put in there. Even though it was plastic it still caught me by surprise and I threw my bag across the room with a tiny little gasp. I then looked to were the bag was about to land, to see it was about to knock over five candles. I couldn't even speak or scream I was that worried of what was about to happen. The candles fell off the mini stool and fell onto the rugs nearly a metre away from me. The rugs near me went up in flames forming a tall ring around me. The door or the window wasn't in that ring so I didn't know what to do. I was breathing heavily and after thirty seconds I finally found my voice screaming for Niall.

"Freya what is it?" Niall exclaimed running into the room and when he saw what'd happened he looked at me in shock. 

"OH GOSH! I'M GONNA SAVE YOU BABY I PROMISE!" Niall yelled looking around for inspiration on how he could save me.

"RUN NIALL! BEFORE THE FIRE GETS ME I'LL BE DEAD ANYWAY FROM THE SMOKE! JUST GET AWAY FROM HERE!" I pleaded crouching down on the floor as the smoke filled the air. I began to cry slowly tears dripping on floor. He reached through the flame and yelled in pain as he removed his hand from the flames.

"Don't do it." I cried crouching lower onto the floor struggling to breath.

"I won't give up!" Niall said determinedly as the fire started to spread, soon he wouldn't be able to get in the room the fire was that big. He was slightly struggling himself. He ran out of the room to search for things in the cupboards and after a minute I heard him yell "Yes!"

He ran back into the room with an axe which I could barely see due to the amount of smoke in the room.

"Right I'm gonna smash through the other side and get you out!" Niall announced and I replied with a cough. My chest felt tight and I could barely breath and my whole body was sweating with parts of my legs stinging from being badly burnt. 

Niall ran into the other room and I heard a "thud" as he tripped over one of the carpets and then heavy footprints as he ran around the back. I think he was on the phone to 999 at the same time as he kept on repeating "Please help her, please save my girlfriend."

It was becoming too hard to breathe and the heat was unbearable. I would never see my mother again. I would never see Niall again. I would never see anybody. I began cry as I was about to give up hope as it took my a lot of work to breath and I started choking on smoke. Suddenly an axe went into the wood above me and this was repeated several times until there was a massive hole in the wooden wall. Which Niall stuck his arms through and pulled me out. But it was too late. Even though I was with the person that made my heart beat faster, my heart stopped beating.

________________________________________________________________________________Ending notes: So did you like the first chapter? Basically read the blurb through for an idea of what will take place in upcoming chapters!

-Georgia xx




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