What Did I Do....Why Do You Hate Me? (Niall Horan)

Jordyn Lim is just a regular girl.. Until she finds out her mother got her tickets to the band she most definitely hates. Her mother spent over a thousand dollars for the tickets. She doesn't want to disappoint. Little did she know love is in her way.


1. Me

Hellur dere... I'm Jordyn Lim. I like Little Mix,BVB,Paramore,BTR,The Wanted,etc.... I HATE One Direction, and....well that's all I hate. My favorite color is purple and black. I'm a model and a singer. I'm an average 19 year old, besides the fact that I'm famous, other than that I'm just as N normal as you.
If you're wondering why I hate them, One Direction, is because they stole my song, Live While Were Young and changed it. Well that's it about me.
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