Three words plus one

Abigail has loved Harry for many years but he dosnt know this..not until her best friend Jeanne decides to spill the beans and tell him. He reacts in a surprised manner but what Abigail dosnt know, is that he has loved her for years as well. Together they form a relationship and fight the world. But it isnt easy though, what with annoying fans, paparazzi, possesive ex girlfriends and boyfriends, and hate. But hey, who said relationships were easy?


2. Who's this? My Friend. Who are you? His girlfriend. His what? His Girlfriend.

"Oh my god HARRY," I squeal and launch myself into his arms, burying my nose into his soft chest,"I've missed you is been like forever! You've changed so much." Harry laughs and wraps his arms around the small of my back and whsipers,"you've changed too Abz, what are those little lumps on your chest now?" I pull away and punch him on the arm,"shut up curlz." He grins,"whatever lumps." I glare at him but then smile and hug him again,"its been way too long." He buries his nose in my hair and says,"i totally has."

We sit down at a table (the boys are granted entry) and look at each other. "I'm Niall," the blonde haired one says,"now wheres the food?" I laugh and point at the table,"over there." Niall heads over there. "I'm zayn," the one with the dark skin and hair says." "I'm Liam," the one with the curly hair and innocent face says,"and this is Danielle." Danielle smiles at me flashing her teeth. "I'm louis," the short one with the flip says,"and I'm kind of the leader of us all."

Harry smiles and then his phone viabrates. I watch him take it out of his pocket and frown and turn to louis,"Ashlynn will be here, she says that she's outside now talking to the leader of this party, Jessicop Mahana." Louis nods and says,"well, she can come in obviosuly but whats she going to think about the whole idea of a party. I always thought that she was one for even bigger parties." Harry nods and texts her back.

I frown,"who's Ashlynn?" Harry goes to answer but a group of girls at the door draws his attention away from me and he walks over to them. The one in the middle smiles at him, she has blonde hair and bright blue eyes and she wears a soft blue dress. The one on the right has black hair and black eyes and wears a black dress and the one on the right has red hair, green eyes and wears a pale grey dress and she smiles at Louis who grins back.

Harry walks over to our table with the girls and I frown, he seems to be more than friends with the one in the middle who frowns at me and then at Danielle. When they reach our table harry introduces the girls as,"Ash, Brianna and Leanne." Ash is the blonde one, Brianna is the red haired one and Leanne is the black haired one. Ash stares at me and says to harry,"who are you." "My friend," harry says. I glare at ash,"who are you." Ash straightens up,"his girlfriend."

Oh my god...I think..

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