Three words plus one

Abigail has loved Harry for many years but he dosnt know this..not until her best friend Jeanne decides to spill the beans and tell him. He reacts in a surprised manner but what Abigail dosnt know, is that he has loved her for years as well. Together they form a relationship and fight the world. But it isnt easy though, what with annoying fans, paparazzi, possesive ex girlfriends and boyfriends, and hate. But hey, who said relationships were easy?


5. ..Mrs Styles

My world stops for a second, and my heart feels like its been in a marathon race. Harry's face looks sincere and honest, and i bet if Laurel was here, she's be squealing her head off and mouthing 'do it Abbie or i'll beat the crap out of you wehn we're alone.'

Harry tilts his head to the side,"dot dot dot. Come on, you're keeping me in suspence."

I laugh crookedy, "uhm, sure. I'll go out with you. Why not?" He grins and leans down and hugs me again but this time it feels different slightly, it feels like he actually likes me and was holding back before because he wasnt completely sure of my feelins, so like the gentlemen he is, he waited till he knew for sure,"love you."

Harry grins at me,"i love you too. I have since we first met, but i was afraid that you woudnt like me because I'm just a nerd and you're..well..perfect."

I blush in pride, hary styles, my boyfriend, thinks that I am perfect. He's one too talk, he's a walking sex god. "You're one too talk, you're like walking perfection."

"Not really, but thanks beautiful."

"Aww, stop it you."

"Come on, lets go tell these horrible people that I call my friends."

"uhm, ok."

Its just then that i remeber something,"YOU double dater. What about ash?"

Harry shrugs,"I texted her and told her it was over, she's a bitch anyway."

I feel slightly bad, but then louis see's me and harry holding hands, and calls me 'mrs.styles'



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