Three words plus one

Abigail has loved Harry for many years but he dosnt know this..not until her best friend Jeanne decides to spill the beans and tell him. He reacts in a surprised manner but what Abigail dosnt know, is that he has loved her for years as well. Together they form a relationship and fight the world. But it isnt easy though, what with annoying fans, paparazzi, possesive ex girlfriends and boyfriends, and hate. But hey, who said relationships were easy?


6. Jeannie.

I sit down at the table, after harry pulls the chair out for me. I shoot him and sly smile, and he blushes,"what? My mother taught me how to be a gentlemen and I intend to pay attention to everything that she has said." I smil, and sit down. He pushes the chair in for me.

Louis sniggers into his hand and says,"he wants the v."

I look dumbly at him,"whats the v?"

Louis ppisses himself laughing,"oh my god."

Harry shifts uncomfortably in his seat, when suddenly Jeannie appears next to me,"I see that you have found your, uh, crush that you haved loved for years and youi said yes."

"Obviously," I say, and harry leans over to plant a kiss on my cheeks softly,"I does love you."

"I does love you more," I grin and rub his curls.

Liam's eyebrows raise slightly at that, but i ignore it, harry is my boyfriend so i can do what i damn well please with him.

"Louis," harry says,"can you please go and get some drinks."

"Only if you explain to her what a v is."

"Ugh, you are so frustrating."

"Tell her curls."

Harry turns to me and looks vey uncomfortable,and sighs,"a v is a vagina."

My mouth falls open,"and you already want that you dirty barstard?"

Harry laughs and ducks his head,"no. Louis says this about all of my girlfriends. Speaking of which, louis, you have to go and get our drinks now, im thirsty."

Louis jumps up and jeannie sits down,"now mr styles."

Oh shit.



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