Three words plus one

Abigail has loved Harry for many years but he dosnt know this..not until her best friend Jeanne decides to spill the beans and tell him. He reacts in a surprised manner but what Abigail dosnt know, is that he has loved her for years as well. Together they form a relationship and fight the world. But it isnt easy though, what with annoying fans, paparazzi, possesive ex girlfriends and boyfriends, and hate. But hey, who said relationships were easy?


4. I do too....

I stop breathing and hear Harry force a laugh and say,"how can she ? We've only just been uh..reunited?" Laurel laughs and says,"she has fur years you curly idiot." Harry stops laughing and says,"wait what? Seriously? She means it, you mean it? Oh my god I never knew." "No one besides Laurel and my diary knew." I walk out of the toilet and almost bumb into Harry,"oops sorry." He looks down at me through his curls with those green eyes that make me melt every single time. I look at the floor and then at laurel and say,"hey laurel, shouldnt we be getting back to the party?" Laurel winks and says,"you two can stay here and uhmm..I'll go back. See ya's." Then she takes off and leaves Harry and I alone.

The silence is awkward until Harry breaks it by saying,"soooooooo is it true?" I blush and say,"yeah, its true." Harry leans against the sink and i cross my arms deifantly across my chest and stare him directly and firmly in the eye,"so what? I wouldnt be the first to fall for the curls." Harry cracks up laughing and says,"haha. You're right there." Then I say,"sooo. Hows life been?" Harry smiles into my eyes and says,"boring. Zayn and perrie argue like nobody else and Louis and Eleanor make put more than Danny and Liam do..and thats saying something." I laugh.

Harry flashes his teeth in a grin and sighs,"we should head back soon. But I have to ask you soemthing first." My heart races and my skin flushes,"sure, ask away." He looks me in the eye and says,"will you go out with me?"


(sorry its short but I couldnt think of anything too add to it, next part will be longer)

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