Three words plus one

Abigail has loved Harry for many years but he dosnt know this..not until her best friend Jeanne decides to spill the beans and tell him. He reacts in a surprised manner but what Abigail dosnt know, is that he has loved her for years as well. Together they form a relationship and fight the world. But it isnt easy though, what with annoying fans, paparazzi, possesive ex girlfriends and boyfriends, and hate. But hey, who said relationships were easy?


1. Do I know you...? Yeah we've only been friends forever.

I cant believe Laurel has dragged me all the way to Jessicop's party. We dont even like Jessicop so why should we have to go? Laurel insisted that "because there's alcohol, there will be kids from out of town there and maybe some decent boys for a change to take your mind of Harry." I'd given her a meaningful look and said," Laurel, you know I've loved Harry for years, even since we were bestfriends in kindergarten and he passed me the playdough instead of throwing it at me like the other boys did." Laurel knows full well that the love I have for Harry is real and not her version of 'love.'

Anyway, Im standing here at the party, chatting to Felicity, Breeanna and Josephine about sport at school when Lilith bursts over and starts her usual insults match against me. "Oh look what tge trash brought in this time," she sneers and flicks her perfectly groomed blonde hair,"more trash. I shouldnt be surprised really. Trash is as trash does. Sluts too." I rool my eyes at lilith and say,"so wheres your boyfriend Lilly? Off with another of his flousises?" Lilith's face goes page and she narrows her eyes at me,"MATT is away on a school came. Private schools have a lot of those or havnt you heard? Oh wait, you would know becaus you've done them all." I blink at lilith and say,"really Lilly? Because the last I heard, you were doing Simon and Reed Bercheree behind Matt's back." Lilith is just about to come back with a 'cutting remark' when theres a disturbance at the door/main entry.

Lilith flips her hair and walks away and I turn to face the door, where there seems to be a group of boys trying to gain entry while Jessicop walks over to grant or ignore them entry. I slowly inch my way over with the crowd and look at the boys. Theres a blonde one with blue eyes, a dark skinned one with dark hair and a quiff, a short one with a hair flip, one has curly hair and an innocent looking face and the last one has curly uncontrolled hair and green eyes taht dart around and he look annoyingly familiar but I cant quote place his face. He glances at me and his green eyes grow wider. Then he slowly starts walking in my direction. My heart stops as his presence is familar to me somehow.

He reaches me and says,"hi." Thats all he says, one word. "Hi," I echo and then say,"trying to gatecrash a party for teens?" The boy smiles and says,"do you remeber?" I give him a confused face and ask him the question I've been dying too since I saw him arrive,"do I know you.....?" The boy rolls his eyes and says,"yeah we've only been friends forever." My eyes widen and I gasp.

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