When teenager Georgia wins a competiton to fly over to sydney to go to her fav band one directions sold out concert she finds herself shocked when she happens to be staying at the same hotel as the boys!
Harry love story


15. still out

i sat just looking at the letter. it read " Georgia, your all that i can think about and when ever im around you i cant help but smile. I have never been big on writing songs but i couldnt help but write this for you! i cant wait to sing it to you? :) " i read the lyrics over and over. they were beautiful. He had the neatest handwriting and the way he wrote my name looked like angels had done so. i quickly turned my phone back on and texted him TO Harry: its beautiful! thankyou so much! your amazing! i then turned my phone back when a flight attendant approached mum and i. " excuse me you have been promoted to first class if you would like to follow me?" she smiled and directed us. we quickly grabbed our hand luggage and walked up to first class where i saw Harry reading a magazine with a spare seat next to him. as i walked down the isle all of the one direction boys where smiling at me. Harry put his mag down to look at me "Hello goregous" i was sat next to harry and my mum was the row behind us. "did you do this" i smiled whilst blushing. "maybe" he smirked reaching over and placing his hand on my upper leg. " thankyou" i leant over and kissed him on the cheek. throguh out the flight we chatted. We soon landed in perth and it was about 7pm. " thankyou so much harry" " your welcome hun" he said pulling me into a hug " i dont want you to go" i whispered " i dont either" i pulled away and felt a tear fall down my face " aww babe dont cry" he laughed slightly wiping my tear away " im sorry i cant help it" i laughed" come on babe i dont want to see you like this" he said pulling me in for another hug. he wrapped his hands around my waist and the other on my neck. he kissed me on the neck. " im just worried that your going to leave and forget about me" i cried. "i will fly you over to england to see me and i will fly to Australia and when your out of school we can move in together okay i wont forget you, you mean to much to me" he pulled out of the hug and put his hands on my cheeks and rubbed them " okay" i smiled at him, he smiled back and pulled me into a deep passionate kiss. " byee" i mumbled waving goodbye to him.

i walked to the car with my mum and stayed quiet the whole ride home " so whats new?" my dad questioned " well Georgia is now ACTUALLY dating harry styles" "the curly haired one?" " yeah he is amazing " i smiled " its okay babe you will see him soon" mum smiled back at me. that night in bed i kept staring at my posters of harry and couldnt help but smile knowing that he was actually mine.


Hey guys, heaps sorry but i dont feel that people are really enjoying my movella so im gona stop writing it, if im wrong please let me know and i will continue! :)

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