When teenager Georgia wins a competiton to fly over to sydney to go to her fav band one directions sold out concert she finds herself shocked when she happens to be staying at the same hotel as the boys!
Harry love story


10. Sleep over

TO Harry: you were amazing tonight! :)) FROM Harry: did you have fun? i couldnt stop thinking about you ;) TO Harry: omg yes! it was so much fun! you too, mainly because i was watching you but you know :) FROM Harry: are you on your way home now? TO Harry: yeah i am what time do you want me to come over FROM Harry: well i will be back at the hotel in half an hour so then? room 628 TO Harry: okay then i will have a shower then head up :). once back at the hotel i pratically ran to our room so that i could get ready. after i was showered i dried my hair and re-applied my eye liner and mascara to look nice. I put on my sponge bob pijama pants and a singlet on before grabbing a cardigan, it was a sleep over after all.

i headed to Harry's room at 10:4. i stood at his door with some movies, i didnt bother bringing anything due to only being down the hall. As i knocked i could hear louis yelling to harry that i had arrived. "Hello gorgeous" he smiled slighty puffing after running to the door "Hello" i smiled " i brought movies" i said holding up my hand. he invited me in and i sat on the couch next to louis " hello " i smiled at him "Hi, you must be Georgia, louis" he smiled holding out a hand. i shook it and oculdnt help but laugh " will you be joining us for our sleep over?" i giggled " why yes i will be" he smirked " nah im just kidding im bunking with Liam" he smiled. "Hey are you going to be okay to sit with louis whilst i have a shower, im still pretty sweaty from the concert" harry smiled " yeah thats fine " i laughed. 

Whilst Harry was in the shower louis was asking me questions. " what do you mean what are my intensions" " i mean what do you plan to do with Harry" he chuckled " what tonight" " no tomorrow" he frowned " yes tonight!" " well i dont know!" i laughed " watch some movies talk i guess" " what nothing sexual" he looked almost shocked " well we almost met yesterday" i mumbled "your scared of something arent you" he laughed " what do you mean" i frowned " are you still a virgin?" " maybe.. yes" " aww thats so adorable" he teased. " no its not today was the first time i had even pashed a guy" " pashed?" he looked confused "snogged, i guess you called it" " well do you want to go further than snogging?" he asked seriously "  i guess, im just nervous and i dont want it to be with the wrong guy" louis smiled at me. out of all of the boys i didnt expect it to be louis that i would talk to, especially about this. " well something tells me that my Harry will be the right guy, maybe not tonight, but he will be" louis smirked cheekily. " i hope so" i replied laughing.

"SORRY BABE I WILL JUST BE 5 MINUTES" harry yelled to my from the bedroom "ALRIGHT SWEET HEART" louis yelled back. i was finding it hard to controll my laughter, when harry came out of the bedroom he approached louis and kissed him on the head " good night darling " he teased indicating him to leave. louis got up and with one last wink at the door he was gone. " how was your shower?" i asked " hot" " im sure it was" we both laughed. Harry sat down next to me and i yawned " bored of me already" he raised an eye brow at me, he then looked down and started playing his hands " no im sorry im just so tiered, im suprised your not asleep already" i replied " i am pretty tiered but i wanted to spend time with you" he smiled at me " thats really sweet " i giggled. i felt my self blushing, harry held his hand out grabbing one of mine and playing with my fingers. " so what do you want to do" i asked " did you want to go to bed, we could lay down and talk?" he questioned "i'd love to" i replied as he led me into the bedroom by his hand. " which one is yours"  i laughed at him " that one" he said pointing to the one closest to a window. i smiled and got into his bed as he approached louis " what are you doing?" i asked cheekily " nothing" he smirked after he  realised what i was indicating and got into bed with me after turning the light off.

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