When teenager Georgia wins a competiton to fly over to sydney to go to her fav band one directions sold out concert she finds herself shocked when she happens to be staying at the same hotel as the boys!
Harry love story


11. nighty night


I got into bed and snuggled into Georgia. She had taken her cardigan off whilst talking to louis because the heater was on, as i wrapped my arms around her i could feel goose bumps on her skin. louis must have turned the heater of on his way out.  "are you warm enough?" i asked her sincerly "Im a little cold but i will be fine" she whispered "Here i saw this should help" i took my shirt off and cuddled into Georgia, she rolled over to face me. I pulled her in closer to me by her waist and i could feel her resist slightly, she was clearly nervous. " its okay im not going to eat you" i laughed. " im sorry" she giggled cautiously "your so warm, your like a heater" we both laughed. she started to adjust herself nervously to sit up " you really dont do this often do you" i chuckled whilst sitting up next to her "dont pick on me" she giggled " im not i think its cute, i like it" " why thats so silly" she replied " it makes me feel like i can look after you, you know, teach you the ropes of life" " that sounds so cheesy" she teased. it was 11:10 now. "its almost 11:11" she chirped. as soon as it hit 11:11 she urged me to make a wish, shut her eyes and crossed her fingers. i quickly grabbed my phone of the bedside table and took a picture of her before making my own wish. I had wished that she would be be the one. " did you make a wish?" she asked me sounding overly excited. " yes i did" i laughed " what did you wish for?" i asked curiously " i cant tell you or it wont come true" she giggled. she was blushing. i layed back down again and she did the same, i wrapped my arm around her shoulder and pulled her in so that her head was resting on my arm. with my other arm i pulled her close into me, we were both laying on our sides. i started kissing at her neck. i could hear her giggling and laughed in return. i started to lean over her, still kissing her neck, i started moving down to her collar bone, she rolled over to face me with a smile on her face. i could hear her breath quicken. I shot her a cheeky smile before continuing to kiss her. i moved down her chest, and then down to her clevage before taking her shirt of. " are you okay to do this?" i asked concerned. i didnt want to be seen to take advantage of her and i certainly didnt want her to feel like she had to fool around with me.  "Yeah im fine" she smiled out of breath. " are you positive?" i asked one last time. " yes harry!" she laughed. "say my name again?" i asked as i continued to kiss down her body, moving to her stomach. "Harry" she moaned. i could feel her squirming under me and couldnt help but smile at how i was making her feel.


Hate to be one of those people but HI! hopefully no one will be grossed out if i add dirty parts so yeah fair warning! :D  btw if you have any ideas feel free to comment :) xx


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