When teenager Georgia wins a competiton to fly over to sydney to go to her fav band one directions sold out concert she finds herself shocked when she happens to be staying at the same hotel as the boys!
Harry love story


2. Keeps Getting Better

The flight went for about 4 hours due to good weather. After claiming our baggage a taxi that had been arrganged for us drove us to the hotel. the concert was tomorrow night so mum and i planned to go out for dinner somewhere nice in Sydney. We walked into the room and it was very cute. there was two double beds in one room which was connected to the bathroom. That then lead into the lounge room then to a small kitchen area. after unpacking it was roughly 3:30pm. " Hey mum, im going to go check out that hot tub" "Alright honey, take your phone with you! im just going to call work to see if they are okay." my mum works for some kind of over the phone health care service which has a big office in ever state in Autralia. They are struggling for staff at the moment becaue of the flu going around. "Alright i will see you in a bit!" i walked down to the pool in my blue summer dress, my bikini underneath. it was tight around my chest and flowed out just above my hips and my bikini was black with paint ball splashes on it.

When i got down to the Spa area to my suprise there was a hotel staff member waiting at the gate leading to the hot tub. "Hello" i smiled " im sorry sweet heart but are you over 18 years old?" "No im16 why's that?" " unfortunatly i cant let you in if your under 18 without a parent or guardian, im sorry" "If its for safety reasons i completely understand, but i have my bronze medalian though so should be fine" "i dont even know what that means" the man started to look impatient and got frustrated at my attempt to get past him. " it means i can pretty much be a life saver at a pool" " look i dont care without a guardian your not getting in". " urggg" i groaned and started to walk away when a hooded figgure grabbed my arm " here come in with me" "thanks" i replied uncertain, i knew that voice from somewhere! that deep voice with a british accent! it was on the tip of my tongue!

As we passes the Staff member i turned to the figgured " thankyou, i promise i wont be any trouble" he let out a little chuckled "Im Georgia By the way, whats your name? " it took a few moments before he replied "Harry, my name is harry" then it struck me. i knew him, i idolised him. it was Harry Styles. He removed his hood and got into the hot tub "Well?"  he smirked, his brown curles fall down his face "Well what? " i replied trying not to freak out "Well are you getting in?" he smiled cheekily " Well yeah " i laughed.

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