When teenager Georgia wins a competiton to fly over to sydney to go to her fav band one directions sold out concert she finds herself shocked when she happens to be staying at the same hotel as the boys!
Harry love story


14. Im out of names

Hey sorry to do this but im going to Korea for a while so i wont be updating for about two weeks :( i promise i will as soon as i get home though!

As we ate we talked about what sort of hobbies i did back in perth " well im a dancer, i love dancing" " oh cool what sort of dancing do you do?" "Ballet, jazz, tap pretty much a bit of everything, i even do pointe!" " so do you have to wear one of those leotard things?" harry asked between bites " yeah i do its pink and purple, i love it!" i laughed " well im going to have to come see you dance some time wont i" he smiled sweetly at me. i didnt want to leave sydney. i wanted to stay here with harry forever. i was worried as soon as he left perth that would be it, i wouldnt see him again. i kept thinking about it which made me not as happy as i should have been. " you okay love?" harry asked as he finished his breakfast " yeah i just, after you leave perth promise me your not just going to forget about me i mean, this isnt nothing is it? this IS something" i looked down at my plate and played with my food. i wasnt hungry enough to finish it but i didnt want to face harry. " well i wouldn't say were dating as such but i do have feelings for you Georgia. its not like im just going to block you out of my life, i promise" he lifting my gaze to his eyes. they were so beautiful. " do you have feelings for me aswell" " of course i do harry! your so nice and funny and you just make me feel special" " well you make me feel different than other girls do, you treat me like im normal and i wont let someone who does that slip away!" he smiled and me and pulled me into a kiss. i pulled away moments later after seeing the time, Harry its 10:30! i have to go i need to pack! i quickly got changed and hugged harry good bye before running to my room.

it turns out that i was on the same flight as harry. i quickly texted him letting him know and he replied asking if i wanted to catch up at the air port. " so mum whilst harry is in perth can he stay over one night?" " he will have to sleep in a different room to you because of your father but yes i think that will be okay." she smiled. as we were waiting to bored i felt two hands cover my eyes. "Guess who" they sounded. well it wasnt harry thats for sure. " im cluless, give me a hint?" " nope" it had an accent it was english, it wasnt louis so who was it? " well your not harry" " getting warmer" " are you in one direction?" "warmer" "liam?" "no" "your not louis and your certainly not niall so Zayn?" he released his hands and came to face me " hello beautiful" i laughed and held out my hand " hi im Georgia" "Im zayn" he smiled " Hey do you know where harry is?" i asked " he is having some trouble with his pass port but wanted me to give you this" zayn handed me a letter and waved as he was pulled away by their manager. "Whats that?" my mum asked curiously  " i dont know" our plane started boarding so i stashed it in my jacket and sat down at my seat. it was a letter. no wait, lyrics?


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