When teenager Georgia wins a competiton to fly over to sydney to go to her fav band one directions sold out concert she finds herself shocked when she happens to be staying at the same hotel as the boys!
Harry love story


9. Hey there

"so you are one of those idiots who smils at their phones whilst texting people " i teased " only people i like" he smiled back. Mum walked inside the room leaving us to chat. "im sorry i didnt answer my phone, i thought you were full of interviews today?" " yeah im sorry too" he mumbled " nah two of them were cancelled so we had spare time, why are you going to the concert so early i dont have to go untill 6?" he asked me " its because the winners get to have dinner and then we get gifts etc. its really wierd." i said "so i guess you have to go get ready then" he frowned " yeah i do, im sorry i really would have liked to hang out " "well come up to my room after the concert we can have a sleep over, if your mum allows it of course" he laughed " of course she will say yes! i would love to sleep over it would be fun" i smiled at the ground before looking at him. " well i 'll let you go then" he smirked cheekily before standing up properly and walking away. I smiled at him for a few seconds before turning around and walking into my room "WAIT!" i heard him yell, i turned around and smiled at him, before i could say anything he grabbed me arround the waist and pulled me in kissing me. i had never kissed someone like this so i didnt know what to do but it was nice. he pulled away and smiled, "i'll see you tonight" he laughed with the biggest grin on his face before walking away. i felt my self blush and couldnt help but giggle. Harry also noticed this from the other end of the hall, he grinned at me. "Shut up" i laughed before going into my room.

To the concert i wore a pink skirt that flows out and a tight blue shirt which was frilled. the entire night was amazing! when we went backstage we never got to meet the boys but we got shown how everything works which was interesting. The boys performance was super funny, Harry kept making dirty jokes with Louis and Niall kept swearing whilst Zayn kept pulling silly faces. Liam was the king of pinching the others bums and it was just a great experience all round but all i could think about was my sleep over with Harry. i was so excited and the concert just made me even more pumped. i secretly hoped that we would share another kiss like the one that we shared before even thought i was so nervous it still gave me goose bumps. At certain parts through the concert i could tell the boys were talking about me as they teased Harry. The concert finished at 10 and we headed straight back to the hotel so i could get ready for my 'sleep over' with harry.

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