When teenager Georgia wins a competiton to fly over to sydney to go to her fav band one directions sold out concert she finds herself shocked when she happens to be staying at the same hotel as the boys!
Harry love story


3. Couldnt Believe It

I took of my dress nervously and climbed into the hot tub, i couldnt stop staring at harry and i knew he could tell " Can i help you with something?" " im sorry, i really am, i know you probably get this alot but your Harry Styles" " Oh so your one of them" he replied with frustration in his tone " i didnt know being a fan was a bad thing, im sorry i can go if you want" " no dont go, its just, i can never have a normal conversation with someone if they know who i am" "try me" i nudged him and he gave me an uncertain look to as if to say, what are you doing? " Alright then, Hi im Harry" " Hi Harry, im Georgia, they are very nice curls you have there!" " Why thankyou Georgia, i like your hair aswell" he cheekily replied whilst playing with a strand of my hair before pushing it behind my ear."so tell me Georgia, what are you doing in a hotel in Sydney?" " well im actually from perth and won a competition to come over here to see some band in concert" " oh lucky you!"  he teased " are they any good?" " there all right" i snickered. we continued to talk to eachother about ourselves and our lives the future and just generally got to know each other. the clock finally struck 4:30 and we decided to get out " oh my god we have been here for over an hour!" i giggled " look at my hands! their so wrinkled from the water!" he said shoving his hands in my face " it could be because your old" i teased swatting his hand away. he made a face at me and i made one just as bad and we both started to laugh as he helped my out of the hot tub.

" what floor you on?" he questioned " 6, and you?" " im on 6 aswell!" " well what are the chances" we both laughed. on the way to the elevator we bumped into my mum. " Mum! what are you doing here? " " i was just coming to find you, work called and need me to go into the office" " well how are you getting there and what about dinner?" " someone is waiting out front now, im sorry sweetie i left money in the room for room service maybe tomorrow?" " okay i love you" my mum started to walk of before quickly returning "Who's this? " she gave me a sneaky look " mum this is harry, harry this is my mum" " nice to meet you" he smiled. After giving me a quick wink my mum was off.

" im sorry about your dinner plans" Harry murmered "Thats okay i dont mind, are you just stayin in tonight?" i wanted to ask him if he wanted to come over but i knew it was a long shot. " yeah we have the concert tomorrow aswell as a heap of interviews so we have to stay in" he whinned " well if you want you can come and chill with me for the night, watch a movie or something" i smiled at him hoping, praying that he was say yes. " im sorry but i cant maybe another time" he said as well walked out of the elevator " well if you change your mind im in room 106" he smiled and walked off not looking back. i couldnt help but feel sorry for myself.

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