When teenager Georgia wins a competiton to fly over to sydney to go to her fav band one directions sold out concert she finds herself shocked when she happens to be staying at the same hotel as the boys!
Harry love story


5. Change Of Plans

"URGGG" i couldnt get my make up on right, i knew that there would be people taking pictures and it had to be perfect " ah you all right there? " harry chuckled " I cant get my make up to look nice" i sobbed "you know you dont need make up" " its not like im wearing foundation its just eye liner but it looks funny" i wanted to spend time with harry but i was too exhuasted to go out  " im really sorry Harry but would it be okay if we just stayed in and ordered pizza? it would be so much more easier" "oh thankgod!" he exhailed deeply in a sign of releif " i actually fancy just watching a movie but i didnt want to dissapoint you" he laughed. after ordering pizza we both sat on the couch watching super natural waiting for it to arrive "You know you can hold my hand if you get scared" i teased " i was actually going to say the same to you young Georgia" we both laughed as i pressed play. Harry let out a girlish scream and cuddled into my arm causing me to jump  " what on earth are you doing" i laughed " im scared hold me!" he pretended. i laughed and followed his orders " its just the title you whimp" he looked up from my arms and moved a strand of hair out of my arms with a cheeky grin on his face. we both fell silent with the ocasional giggle. "Your eyes are like super green" i giggled " and yours are like Super blue" he replied. i felt myself blush and look down, he lifted his hand to my chin bringing my gaze to his then proceded to place his hand on my knee. i dont know what was going to happen but just staring to his eyes was perfect. He started to lean in as there was a knock at the door. He leaned back and we both started to laugh. i got off of the couch and walked over to the door grabbing my purse on the way. after paying for the pizza harry and i dug in. By this point the clock had reached 7:30

At this point we were both sitting on the floor leaning on the couch. "Wana play truth or dare?" Harry asked with a mouth full of pizza "But were eating" i replied "So it will be fun" he smirked "Okay you first Mr. Styles" harry raised an eye brow at me "Truth or dare" he asked "Truth" " how far have you gone with a guy" i felt my cheeks blushing " im like a nun i havent even pashed a guy yet" Harry looked as if he almost spat out his food. " really!" he was totally shocked " shut up its embarrassing!" "i think its cute, but its also something that needs to be changed" he winked at me, i pushed him playfully "Okay Curls it your turn!" i teased "nah i dont want to play anymore" he teased! "You meanie!" i pushed him harder this time.

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