When teenager Georgia wins a competiton to fly over to sydney to go to her fav band one directions sold out concert she finds herself shocked when she happens to be staying at the same hotel as the boys!
Harry love story


7. Buzz Buzz


*buzz buzz. Buzz buzz* i woke up to hear my phone ringing, it was 1:30am and Georgia's mum still wasnt home. i answered my phone "Hello?" "Harry where on earth are you pauls going mad!" it was louis. "I was at georgias i told you that" "Why are you whispering?" he questioned "because she is lying asleep next to me" " what on earth have you two been doing?" " nothing! we were watching a movie and she got scared so i cuddled her and i guess we just fell asleep!" i could hear Georgia making cute little sounds next to me as she slept, head resting on my chest, her arm wrapped around my waist. "well paul wants you back now!" louis warned me " fine i will be back in about 10 minutes. i hung up the phone. i slowly moved off of the couch being careful not to wake Georgia. Just as i was about to walk out the door, i turned back and slowly picked up Georgia. She curled into my arms like it was natural. i slowly walked her over to her bedroom and tucked her into bed. just as i was leaving Georgias Mum walked in "Oh harry, what are you doing here?" " Oh sorry, Georgia and i were watching a movie and she fell asleep so i have just put her to bed" i whispered. she peered around the corner to see Georgia sound asleep "Thats fine, thankyou for keeping her company, it means alot more to her than you think" she replied " hounestly it was my pleasure, GoodNight Mrs.? " i asked "Nette, call me Nette" i assumed it was short for Janet. "Night Nette" i smiled and walked out of the room. When i returned to my room Louis was laying on his bed on the phone "oh hold on i got him" he said as he hung up the phone. " So did you have fun with your new toy?" he laughed "She isnt a toy louis, she is really nice and her name is Georgia" " well did you have fun with your new Georgia?" he laughed even more " Why yes i did, she is really lovely" " so how did dinner go?" he asked " we actually just stayed in the hotel and ate pizza" louis looked shocked "what! you didnt work your 'im rich come out with me' magic?" " i dont think she cares about the money louis! i think he actually just likes me for me" i smiled " well i hope so" louis replied before getting under his blankets. " night Harry" "Night Lou" i said whilst taking my shirt off and stripping down to my boxers before hoping into bed.

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