When teenager Georgia wins a competiton to fly over to sydney to go to her fav band one directions sold out concert she finds herself shocked when she happens to be staying at the same hotel as the boys!
Harry love story


13. Breakfast


I woke up the next morning, harry still asleep next to me. Last night was so much fun, i wanted to go further but for some reason i couldnt help but ask to stop. I  heard harry let out a groan and he rolled over to face me wrapping his arms around my waist still asleep. i rolled in closer to him and rested my head on his arm. he looked so peacful whilst sleeping. his hair fell over his face and was really messy. i layed for about 15 minutes just watching him before he woke up. "Good morning gorgeous" he said in a deep husky voice. As he smiled he brought one of his hands up and brushed the hair away from my face then rubbed my cheek with his thumb. " Morning" i giggled. "you look so adorable whilst sleeping" i smirked " been watching me sleep love?" he looked at me with a cheeky grin. "i couldnt help it, i woke up before you and didnt want to wake you" i whispered. " i dont care if im waking up to you" he smirked " are you cold?" he asked concerned  i nodded " a little" " come here baby" he said as he pulled me into his arms. his chest was warm and stong. i put my hand onto his abs and i felt him squirm as i put my hand there. "What? you think i was going to do this?" i said reaching my hand down and grabbing his dick gently. He started breathing heavier and let out a moan. "well i wasnt" i teased and took my hand away. " your such a tease" he smirked. i winked back at him and couldnt help but laugh "what time is your flight?" Harry questioned "Im not sure what time is yours, you leave today for perth dont you?" " yeah i do, its at 1pm" he replied " mine is about that time aswell" "well maybe we will be on the same flight" he smiled and started playing with my hair. "ahh" harry chuckled as his fingers got caught in the waves in my hair. " i hope we are, sorry i will go brush it" i laughed "no dont, messy hair is sexy" he said with a wink." are you hungry i will make you something to eat?" harry said in a deep husky voice still laying down next to me " Harry were in a hotel there is no where to keep food let alone make it" i laughed making a face at him to indicate he is stupid. "oh, how about we go out then?" he shot me a cheeky grin still not moving. " uhh i will go get changed" i said sitting up when harry pushed me back down "No wait!" harry's smile grew larger "lets get room service!" he said enthusiastically reaching for the phone. "Harry are you crazy! do you know how much that costs especially at a hotel like this?" i looked at him with a concerned . "Georgia are you crazy? need i remind you what i do for a living? its not a problem." he smiled at me rubbing my cheek with his thumb. " well at least let me give you some money" i raised my eye brows indicating him to let me do so. " no you payed for the pizza the other night remember?" "so i dont care im not going to take your money just because you have lots of it, you earned it." i smiled at him "THAT IS IT!" he yelled moving to sit on top of me "Miss Georgia, i can and will buy you breakfast and you damn will enjoy it!" he told me with a grin on his face. "fine" i laughed and i lett him call room service. as he rolled off of me he pulled me so that i was resting on his chest facing him. " i could get use to this" he smirked " well i already am, i wake up to you every morning!" i giggled whilst harry just looked at me strangly " posters genious" " ohhhh" he said slapping himself on the fore head. He then looked at me indicating to kiss it better and so i did.

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