When teenager Georgia wins a competiton to fly over to sydney to go to her fav band one directions sold out concert she finds herself shocked when she happens to be staying at the same hotel as the boys!
Harry love story


8. Beautiful Suprise


i woke up the next morning, but i was no longer on the couch. Mum was also asleep in her bed next to mine. Harry must of moved me when he left because my mum was definetly not capable carrying me. I got up and got changed. it was about 8:30am when there was a knock on the door. When i opened it i stood there to find a man holding a big bunch of flowers "Miss Georgia?" he asked cheerfully "yes?" i said eagerly. "Well here you are, have a great day!" he said handing over the flowers and walking away. i walked inside shutting the door behind me before setting the flowers down on the table. Mum walked through the bedroom door and leant on my shoulder behind me. " Who are they from?" she asked curisouly " i have no idea lemme read the card " i smiled. as i reached for the card i hear my mum giggle as she walked to the bathroom. I opened the card and it read "My dearest Georgia, Im sorry about dissapearing last night i had a great time, lets do it again, Harry xx p.s my number is 0342753826". "Its from harry!" i yelled through to my mum. "thats cute! now go get ready we have a long day of exploring to do!" she replied. i smiled for a little longer at my preasent before going and getting changed.

i got dressed quickly putting on some pink skinny jeans and a black lacey top before eating some toast. Just as we were leaving our room we passed the flowers "Wait" i yelled running back to grab the card " what you forget?" " harrys number" i smiled walking down the hall. The hotel we were staying was in the middle of the city so we just started walking down the street. Over night thousands of girls had gathered in front of the hotel, i guess the fans had figgured out where they were staying. it was 1pm when we finally stopped for lunch allowing me to text harry. TO Harry: Hello! only just got a chance to text you then, hows your day going? after lunch we headed home as we needed to leave for the concert at 4.

we arrived back at the hotel 2pm finding it hard to move through the crowd of screaming girls. After we got into the lobby half an hour later my phone buzzed, i had a missed call and two text's from Harry: My day is perfect now that you have texted me :) what are you up to today? The second message read: Oi answer your phone, i miss you :( . i felt mortified and in the elevator sent TO Harry: Sorry i didnt reply, got caught in the sea of girls! I have to get ready for the concert :( thankyou for my flowers by the way, their beautiful :) as i stepped out of the elevator harry was leaning against the wall staring at his phone with a smile on his face.

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