When teenager Georgia wins a competiton to fly over to sydney to go to her fav band one directions sold out concert she finds herself shocked when she happens to be staying at the same hotel as the boys!
Harry love story


6. A Magical Night

After finishing 2 out of 3 pizza's we ordered we decided to move back onto the sofa and watch a movie. " i have never seen a girl eat like that, like ever" Harry laughed " is that a good or bad thing?" replied feeling slightly embarrassed " Good! definetly a good thing!" he laughed "well its not my fault if i was hungry" we both laughed and sat down. we turned the foxtell on and some movie i had never heard of came on. " i love this movie" harry said nudging me " can we watch it?" " sure whats it about? " " its a horror" harry smiled. i usually like horror movies but after watching them i tend to not sleep that night but for his sake i said yes. Harry grabbed some blankets from the bedroom and i grabbed some pillows as we got comfy on the couch. at the begining of the movie we were sat at opposite sides of the couch. as the movie got scarier i started to cover my eyes and jump which drawed harrys attention to me " You alright Georgia?" "uhh yeah im fine" i mumbled " are you sure?" he asked with concern in his voice "mmh" i replied. i clearly wasnt fine. Harry leant over and pulled me over to his side of the couch adjusting himself as he layed me on him. he proceeded to wrap his arms around my waist and held one of my hands which was resting on my stomach "Thanks" i smiled "no hassle babe, there was no way your fine your almost shaking" he laughed. it was half way through the movie, according to harry as i was to scared to watch and it was around 9:30. " are you sure you dont want to watch something different?" he kept repeating in my ear. " no its fine i promise!" i smiled. i had cuddled into Harry's chest partly because he had positioned me like that but also because it felt safe. Harry still had his arms wrapped around me holding tight.a few minutes later Harry stroked my hair and then proceeded to turn the TV off. "I didnt think your movie was finished yet?" i asked quietly "Its not but you are, your far to exhausted to Listen to that whilst trying to sleep" he whispered softyly. " its fine i promise and besides im not trying to fall asleep" " well your not doing to well at staying awake" he laughed " are you going to goback to your room now" i asked hoping for his answer to be no " do you want me to go?" he replied " no " i giggled " then im not going" he whispered. he moved down the couch so that he was laying down next to me and adjusted the pillows. "Thankyou for a wonderful night " he whispered before kissing me on the nose. i smiled sweetly back at him before rolling so that i was facing away from him. he once again wrapped his arms around me as we drifted off to sleep.

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