When teenager Georgia wins a competiton to fly over to sydney to go to her fav band one directions sold out concert she finds herself shocked when she happens to be staying at the same hotel as the boys!
Harry love story


1. A Lucky Day

"GEORGIA! GEORGIA! COME HERE QUICKLY!" mum yelled from the computer, " AM I IN TROUBLE?" its a habbit of mine to ask this when ever my parents summon me. "NO! IT IS ONE OF YOUR ONE DIRECTION COMPETITIONS! YOU'VE WON!" "WHAT" i yelled. i instantly jumped off of my bed and ran through the house to my mum managing to trip over one of my dogs."well what did the dog do to you?" she laughed, "Everything, so which competition, what do we get?" i was too excited to apologize to abbie, though she is two years old she still manages to get in everyones way. "The sydney one! their going to fly us over to sydney and we get to go backstage!" "we?" i moaned. "George, your only 16 you have to have a parent acompany you." "oh who cares I WON!" i shouted.

After getting the news i couldnt stop bragging about it to all of my friends. I was in the best mood for the three weeks leading up to the concert. Being from Perth we had to be flown over to Sydney. "Georgia! come on or were going to be late!" Mum wouldnt admit it, but she was excited to go over to sydney. "im coming just hold on!" I let my hair out of my pony tail and let my orange, wavey hair fall down the side of my face. i quickly fixed up my mascara and ran out the door with my suit case and my back pack. The whole car ride to the air port my father couldnt stop teasing me about how we was going to draw on all of my posters whilst i was in Sydney. "But seriously i think harry would look very sexy with a nice hairy monobrow... or should i say harry monobrow" he teased. " that was such a bad pun! but if you draw on my posters i will shave of your eye brows in your sleep!" i threatened. he let of a laugh and backed away from the thought of abusing my pictures. "All right then, i'll see you when you get home, have a great time ladies!" My Dad said almost sounding sad that we were leaving. " were only going to be gone 3 days we will see you when we get home ya big softy" my mother teased.

Through out the whole flight i couldnt stop talking to mum about the hotel, " I looked online before we left and it has a hot tub! and a pool! oh and it has roomservice and foxtell! its pretty amazing." "mmh let me sleep george!"

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