charmed in love

17 Ella and her best friend Madison are one direction crazy!!!! So when one direction appear on Ella's quiet family holiday could this be her chance at true love? read to find out ;)


1. Chaper 1 'The Plane'

Ella's P.O.V

Time for yet another boring quiet 'family' holiday... My ears are killing on this plane is sooo annoying! i have a strange feeling that this holiday will be different. I'm sure i can hear One Direction little things its coming from the private first class lounge i tell my parents im going to the toilet i walk up to the door and opeawake guys," i hear him say then its not just one face above me its the five faces of one direction!n it i walk in then look around and i faint once i realise that one direction are a metre away from me... My eyes begin to open i am lying on a bed i see a worried face above me its Niall Horan "She's awake guys," then it wasnt just one face above me it was five. 

Niall's P.O.V

She's the most beautiful girl i have ever seen i want to know her name and where she is staying oh i hope we are at the same resort!!!!!!! When she was lying there lifeless she looked like an angel and when she woke up i was drowning in the beautiful blue of her eyes. I want to make this girl mine<3







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