One Direction Imagines

Basically, I know a lot of people want One Direction Imagines to be written about them right? Well I'm the girl for that! Just comment what boy you want, and what your name is and I'll write you one! xx


3. Imagine for Allison (alli1Dluv)

The bright sunlight shined on me as I slowly began to wake up. I rubbed my eyes and slowly got up out of bed. "Where are you going?" Niall asked me in his raspy morning voice. "I'm gonna make breakfast. You want something in particular?" He slowly rose and scratched the back of his head. "Just eggs and bacon. Not really hungry right now." I put on my robe and walked downstairs, Niall trailing behind. I got what I needed and began cooking.

*A few minutes later*

"Niall can you come help me with the pancakes?" I asked. Niall came over and grabbed the bag of flour. "Niall be careful! I don't want a mess!" I warned him. He chuckled and opened it. "How many scoops babe?" He asked. "Probably four?" Niall grabbed the measuring cup and filled it with flour. "So what do I do with it?" He asked. "Put it in that bowl over there." I said as I placed the bacon on a clean plate. "You mean do this?" Niall asked, throwing the flour on my face. "NIALL!" I screamed brushing myself off. "Oh come on! Have some fun Allison!" "You mean like this?" I grabbed an egg and smashed it on the top of his blonde locks. "No, like this." He grabbed syrup and poured it on me. "It's on Horan!" I yelled. Niall and I started throwing various foods at each other making a huge mess. "Okay okay! Stop! Call it truce?" Niall asked sticking his hand out. I grabbed it and we shook. "Truce." I giggled. He smiled. "What?" I asked. "You've got a little flour on your nose." He leaned down and kissed my nose, and then my lips. "I love you." I told him hugging his waist tightly. "I love you too Alli."


I hoped you liked it!!! (: 

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