The Typical Badass( short story)

they call her "A"what will "A" do when she has five new friends...maybe she'll call them her group turns out hurtful but not as much as the past , could they help fix her...Or could they not ?...find out..


3. The House

Ashley P.O.V.

I walked on the pebbles that lead to the stairs, the boys were behind me. I locked my car and Harry unlocked the door to his house. I already called my mom and told her that i was going to over to friends house. We went in and I was greeted by a woman.

Anne: "Hi I'm Anne, Harry's mum" 

Me: "Hi nice to meet you" 

She pulled me into hug and she said to the other boys a swell. Harry grabbed my hand and led me to his bedroom and the rest of the boys followed behind us. We came to a big blue and white room and it looked like any regular boy's room. 

Harry: "Come Ashley we can work over here" 

I walked over to this desk while the rest of the boys just played video games. We worked on the assignment and after like 20 minutes we were done. 

Me: "Done!"

Harry: "Yup! Wanna go over there?"

He pointed to his bed. Louis was beside Niall, Liam was on Niall, Zayn was on Louis. We crawled onto his bed and it was bug enough for all of us. I was behind Liam and Harry was behind Zayn. They were playing some sort of game and i think Liam lost. He jumped back and he landed on my legs.

Liam: "Oh sorry Ash!"

Me: "It's fine and if your tired you could lay your head on my lap. I don't mind" 

Liam: "Oh okay" 

He layed his head on my lap while he was still playing and i got up to grab my bag and i got back on the bed but Liam already had his head down, So i just decided to finish my art. While Zayn was playing i was trying to draw him and after i was done. I went to to Zayn and i put my hands over his eyes. 

Zayn: "Who's there?"

Me: "Me Ashley" 

Zayn: "Oh"

I took my hands away so he could see.

Me: "Here"

I showed him the picture i drew of him. 

Zayn: "Oh wow! Thank's it's good. Why didn't you tell me that you were drawing me?"

Me: "I wanted to surprise you" 

Zayn: "Oh thanks i love it" 

Me: "Your Welcome" 

I hug him and he hugged me back. 

Louis: "Okay guys let's play a game"

Me: "What game?" 

Louis: "Truth or dare extreme edition!"

Harry: "No Louis that's not right we have girl" 

Me: "What's not right? How do you play this?"

Louis: "Well if you chose dare simple all you have to do is the fare but if you pick truth then you have to remove one item of clothing"

Me: "And you guys play this?"

Niall: "Yeah"

Me: "Okay I'll play" 

Zayn: "Really?"

Me: "Yeah sure"

Harry: "Okay let's play"

Louis: "Niall truth or dare?"

Niall: "Dare!"

Louis: "I dare you to lick the floor"

Niall licked the floor. 

Harry: "Ashley truth or dare?"

Me: "Dare!"

Liam whispered something into Harry's ear and Harry nodded. 

Harry: "I dare you to lick Liam's ear"

Me; "Really? Okay"

Liam: "Really Harry? For the record i did not tell him that" 

Me: "Sureee..." 

I went to Liam and i came closer to him and i licked his ear and he flinched i guess that was his ticklishness spot. 

Me: "Zayn truth or dare?"

Zayn: "Umm truth"

Me: "You have to take off a piece of clothing" 

Zayn: "Oh shit" 

He took off his shirt. I argued with myself if i should look or not and i took a little peek he has a 6 pack and Liam was starring at me. Liam was sitting besides me, Harry was on the other side of Liam, On the other side Harry was Zayn, on the other side of Zayn was Niall, the other side of Niall was Louis and beside Louis was me so we were all sitting in a circle. Liam looked at me and then he took off his shirt.

Me: "Liam why did you take off your shirt?"

Liam: "It's quite hot in here"

He took off the shirt relieving his 8 pact. Oh My God! It was amazing then i shook my head getting back into t he game. 

Louis: "Ashley truth or dare?"

Me: "Dare!"

Louis: "I dare you to take off a piece of your clothes:

Me: "really?"

Louis: "Yes"

Me: "Okay" 

I took off my jacket and sat down. 

Louis: "No your jacket doesn't count"

Me: "How they are a piece of clothing?"

Louis: "No! Still come on"

Me: "Fine to make this fair"

I didn't want to but i had to so i wasn't scared. 

Harry: "You don't have to take your shirt off if you don't want to" 

Liam: "Yeah"

Me: "No it's fine. Louis wants to play fair, so i'll play fair"

I took off my shirt reviling my black laced bra. i sat back down and the boys were starring at my chest of course. 

Me: "Okay let's continue"

Zayn: "Um.. yea"

Me: "Truth or dare Liam?"

Liam: "Dare!"

Me: "Okay... um...I don't have a dare"

Louis: "Kiss Ashley!"

Me: "WHAT!?"

Liam: "Sure"

He came closer to and he kissed me on the lips and it was a long kiss too. They were soft and he was holding on to me. Zayn pushed us.

Zayn: "Okay ENOUGH!"

Me: "Are you mad?" 

Zayn: "No let's just continue the game"

Zayn P.O.V.

I was really mad Liam kissed her for a long time. I got mad why? I think i was falling for her when she took off her shirt my heart just fluttered. I was jealous of Liam i wanted to kiss her. Was i falling for her? Oh God i was!

Liam P.O.V.

Why was Zayn mad? That kiss was amazing, her chest, beautiful, her lips, soft. Everything about her was just amazing. Was i falling for her? She is just so beautiful. Everything is perfect. I felt fireworks when I kissed her. When i saw her staring at Zayn's chest i got jealous and i took mine off to show that i have more. 

Ashley P.O.V.

We continued the game and the boys ended up with no shirts or pants, holy shit i was in a room with 5 hot almost naked boys help me. I  had no shirt but i did have pants on. I just layed my clothing on me so no one saw my body.

Me: "This game is useless"

Harry: "Yea we should stop"

We all put our clothes back on. 

Liam: "I'm still hot"

Me: "Really? It's so cold'

Liam: "Your cold, I'm hot"

Niall: "So Ashley why are you known as a bad ass?"

Me: "My reputation, like i get into a lot of fights, swear at people and i don't take anyone's shit"

Niall: "Oh"

Me: "Yeah"

Harry: "I brought some food. You guys wanna watch a movie?"

Harry was holding two bags of chips and a bowl of popcorn.

Everybody: "Yeah"

Everyone jumped on Harry's bed and there was no space for me.

Zayn: "You could sit on my lap if you want"

Me: "Are you sure?"

Zayn: "yea come on over'

I smiled at him and i went and i sat on his lap i looked over at Liam and he looked mad. Harry was scrolling through the movies and i was getting annoyed.

Me: "Harry just pick one!"

Harry: "Okay! Okay!"

Harry: "What about Love Actually?"

Niall: "That's a chick flick"

Harry: "Yea so.. do you guys wanan watch?"

Me: "Nah this is probably going to make me cry. Let's watch something scary!"

Harry: "Okay what about paranormal activity 4?"

Everyone: "Yeah"

I was sitting on Zayn's lap and he had his arms wrapped around my waist.

Zayn: "Are you scared?"

He whispered it in my ear giving me shivers down my spine. I chucked and whispered back.

Me: "A little"

Zayn: "Don't worry I'll keep you safe"

Me: "Okay"

I looked at Liam and he looked mad and like disgusted 

Me:  "What's wrong Liam?"

Liam: "Nothing let's just watch the movie"

I grabbed his hand.

Me: "Are you sure it's nothing?"

I was just curious of why he looked mad. 

Liam: "Yes i'm sure. Now leave me alone!" 

I let go of his hand and i just turned so i was facing Zayn. I was kind of pissed of why was Liam mad at me? 

Liam: "Sorry:

Me: 'It's fine"

We watched the movie when a scary part came, i flinched and Zayn held on to me tighter pressing me into his chest. I felt someone grab my hand and i looked to see who it was and it was Liam. He smiled at me and i smiled back. So now Zayn was hugging me and Liam was holding my hand. Am i getting feelings for both of them. I can't... i just can't...No Ashley. 

The movie was over at 8:00 and the food was all done too. 

Liam: "Uhh I'm still hot"

He started whining fanning himself and i did it with my hands.

Me: "Better?"

Liam: "Nope"

He grabbed my hands and put it on his abs.

Liam: "Better"

He was smirking and laughing.

Me: "Um...okay"

I moved my hands and he grabbed them and put them on his chest again.

Liam: "Your hands are cold and it will help me cool down"

Me: "Okay"

He layed my hands on his sweaty, extremely fit body. 

Harry: "We got some action going on here" he smirked.

Me: "Liam is just hot"

I looked down to see my hand on his abs still.

Harry: "Yes you think he is hot" he started to smirk.

Liam threw a pillow at Harry.

Liam: "HARRY!"

Harry: "Don't be throwing my pillows" 

Liam: "Whatever" 

Me: "Are you cooled down now?"

Liam: "Nope" 

He started moving my hands down further and further and he started to chuckle and he closed his eyes throwing his head back.

Me: "No Liam no further"

Liam: "Okay.

Zayn: "I'm hot too"

Then Zayn took off his shirt, 

Zayn: "Wanna do the same thing Ash?"

Me: "Really?" 

Zayn: "Yea"

Me: "Don't you guys know how to cool yourself down?"

i got up.

Zayn: "Awe, Don't go!'

Me: "Bye" 

I got up and walked over to Louis, Niall and Harry. We were talking for like an hour and i noticed that it was 9:00 and i had to go home. 

Me: "I have to go does anybody need a ride?"

Niall, Louis, Zayn & Liam: "I do"

Me: "Okay Bye Harry thanks for everything" 

Harry: "Bye"

I walked out of his bedroom and the boys followed me.

Me: "Bye Anne"

Anne: "Oh bye Darling"

She came and gave me a hug. We walked out to my car and they all got in. First I dropped off Niall, then Louis, then Zayn and lat was Liam.

Me: "Liam were you mad?"

He didn't say anything.

Me: "LIAM!!

Liam: "Whatttttt?"

Me: "Were you mad?"

Liam: "A little" 

Me: "Why"

Liam: "Nothing"

Me: "Nothing seems to be your answer to everything.

Liam: "Yes i guess so"

Liam: "Where do you live?"

Me: " 18 Cedar Torrence Drive. You?"

Liam: "Here! 27 Bridge Torrence Drive"

Me: "i live two blocks away from you" 

Liam: "Oh maybe we could together sometime?"

Me: "yea do you have a phone?"

Liam: "Yea"

We exchanged numbers and we were in front of his house. 

Me: "there you go"

He got out.

Liam: "Thanks! Bye"

Me: "Bye!"

He closed the door and he walked into his house and i drove to mine. I parked my car and i went inside. I changed into my pajamas and i put Liam's number in as 'Liam'. I was happy was i falling in love with Liam and Zayn. i don't know i will decided tomorrow. 

A/N: Thanks guys for reading. I will update more bye.


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