The Typical Badass( short story)

they call her "A"what will "A" do when she has five new friends...maybe she'll call them her group turns out hurtful but not as much as the past , could they help fix her...Or could they not ?...find out..


8. Skating Date

Ashley P.O.V.

I woke up and i called Zayn to ask him what time were we going skating and he said an hour. I hung up and i quickly got into the shower and i came out and i changed into a long warm cardigan, black skinny jeans, red polo shirt, my beanie and my vans. I put on make up and i let my hair down the way it is. When i was done I heard the door bell ring. I went to go get the door but my mom came home and she got it. Zayn checked me out while i was walking down the stairs. 

Mom: "Oh Hello! Who are you?"

Me: "Zayn my date" i smiled at her. 

Zayn: "Hello nice to finally meet you Mrs.Harrison" he was too adorable. 

Mom: "Your going on a date!?"

Me: "Yes"

I grabbed my purse. 

Mom: "Okay have fun but not too much fun" she winked. 

Me: "MOM!" i was giggling and Zayn just smirked and we walked out of my house. 

Zayn: "Were taking a cab"

Me: "Why don't we just take my car?" 

Zayn: "Okay"

I had my keys and i got into my car and Zayn got in beside me and he told me the directions. I followed them and i started driving and Zayn put his hand on my thigh and i gulped. Gosh he was teasing me. 

Zayn: "I love you" in a sloe seductive voice. 

I blinked and then i replied.

Me: "I-I love y-you t-too"

He heard me studdering and he was teasing me and he knew it. He chuckled and smirked. When i turned there was a bit of traffic.

Me: "Did Liam tell you something?" 

Zayn: "Like what?"

Me: "Is he mad? Did he like text or call you?"

Zayn: "No he didn't even talk to me"

Me: "Oh" 

Zayn: "What did he text or call you?"

I looked at him into his eyes his deep beautiful grey/brown eyes and then I turned my attention back to the road. 

Me: "Yeah"

Zayn: "Oh what happened?" 

Me: "Well things escalated from things to like to love. I think he got quite upset that i was hanging out with you" 

Zayn: "Oh... wait LIAM LOVES YOU!?"

Me: "Yeah"

Zayn: "Wow that's hug. But i love you too" 

He was smiling like a two year old and he was so cute i pinched him cheeks.

Me: "Cutie"

Zayn: "Ow not as cute as you" he poked my cheek.

Me: "Awe thanks"

I smiled really big and he chuckled. We finally reached our destination which was also the skating rink. We got out of my car and we walked hand in hand to the skating arena. I couldn't really skate that good. Zayn could teach me maybe. We walked in and we were greeted by a boy that looked like he was 17 he was quite attractive. 

The Boy: "Hello, Welcome to the skating arena. What size is your shoe beautiful?" he smiled.

Me: "I am a size 9" i blushed. 

The Boy: "Alright i got it" 

I looked over at Zayn to see him eyeballing the guy. The boy handed me the skates. 

The Boy: "Hey, can i get your number?" he winked and smiled very cheekily

Me: "N-"

Zayn: "She's taken sorry"

He stepped in front of me and he said it with attitude and i laughed a bit. 

The Boy: "Oh sorry, Bro"

Zayn: "Don't call me bro"

Zayn asked the boys for his skates and since Zayn teased me earlier i decided to do the same to Zayn (haha that rhymed), I was behind him so i got closer and closer to him and i slowly started to rub his thigh.

Me: "It's not good to tease" 

He tried to moan but i covered his mouth before he could. The boy came back with the skates and i got further and further away from Zayn. I saw Zayn walk past me to a bench to put his skates on i ran by him and sat down. I took off my vans and i put my skates on and and i was tieing them i felt a hand go up my shirt and started rubbing circles on my back. 

Zayn: "Tease?"

Me: "Yes"

I got up and his hand fell out of my shirt. Zayn smirked and tied his skates and he got up and walked past me. He whispered in my ear.

Zayn: "Don't tease me babe" 

He got up and was about to leave when i grabbed his wrist and pulled him down and i whispered to him.

Me: "Then you don't tease me"

He smirked and i followed him to the rink and we went out and i turned around on the ice and he lent out a hand. I grabbed it and i was skating backwards as he was holding both of my hands. He crashed into the glass ans he pulled me into his chest and i started laughing at the expression on his face. It was really funny but i didn't want to seem rude so i tired not to but i couldn't help it. Zayn just looked at me with a raised eyebrow and it made me laugh even harder. He pulled me into the glass and he was in front of me so there was no gap between us.

Zayn: "Think its so funny?" 

I started laughing and i tired to stop. 

Me: "Sorry the way you fell into the glass was funny"

Zayn: "Oh i should tickle you" 

Me: "No!"

I tried to get away from him but he grabbed my wrist back. 

Zayn: "Are you sure?" 

Me: "Ye-"

i got cut off by Zayn starting to tickle me. 

Me: "Z-Zayn S-STOPP!" 

He slowly stopped and he smiled and he lowered himself down to me and kissed me one of those long sweet kisses. I kissed back feeling fireworks go off and we went back to racing each other to the rink to get out of the ice. We went out and i felt someone grab me and pulled them closer and i turned to see. 

Me: "LIAM!?"

Liam: "Hey did you miss me Babe?"

Me:  "What?..." 

I turned to see Zayn and he was squinting his eyes and coming in out direction.

Me: "What are you doing here? How did you find us?"

Liam: "Playing with my feelings Ash i thought you liked me"

Me: "Liam, i never meant to hurt you and i am truly sorry i hope we can still be friends?"

Zayn was still standing beside me. 

Liam: "I came here to do this" 

He came closer and he was about to kiss me when Zayn covered my lips with his hand and Liam kissed Zayn's hand. He opened his eyes and he quickly moved away.

Zayn: "Liam listen to me Ashley and i are dating now"

Liam: "I know"

Me: "I'm sorry Liam i never meant to hurt you"

Liam: "I'm fine. I'm going to go now"

Me & Zayn: "Okay bye" 

Me and Zayn took off our skates and put our shoes back on we decided to go to Starbucks. We got there and i ordered a latte and a cookie. Zayn ordered a got chocolate and a muffin. We sat down and talked.

Zayn: "What's your favouirte colour?"

Me: "Green yours?"

Zayn: "Electric blue"

We started talking about random stuff and memories about myself when we were younger until it came to bullying in elementary school. 

Zayn: "Have you been bullied?"

Me: "Yeah, but let's not talk about that"

Zayn: "Sure... Of course"

We walked to my car.

Zayn: "So are we official?"

Me: "Do you want to be?"

Zayn: "More than anything" and i couldn't resist his smile.

Me: "Alright then were official" 

Zayn: "Yay"

He was jumping around and i was laughing.

Me: "Do you really like me?"

Zayn: "Not like, Love and yes!"

Me: "I love you too"

He stopped and he wrapped his jacket around me and he kissed me and i kissed him back. 

Me: "I'll drop you off babe" 

Zayn: "Yeah thanks beautiful"

We got to his house and i parked outside. 

Me: "Bye Zaniee Boo!"

Me: "Are coming in my car with me and Liam tomorrow?"

Zayn: "Yes of course Ashley bebs" 

We both started laughing. 

Me: "Ashley bebs?"

Zayn: "What i didn't have anything else to say"

Zayn: "Alright bye beauty sleep tight. Dream of me" 

Me: "Will you dream of me too?"

Zayn: "Only if you dream of me"

Me: "Okay deal"

I leaned in and kissed him on the cheek and i whispered.

Me: "Dirty dreams"

Zayn: "Only if you will"

Me: "I'm just kidding. I will dream about you and good dreams not dirty ones"

Zayn: "Alright well see, but how can you not dream off this body?"

Me: "And how can you not dream about this body?"

Zayn: "Of course bye babe"

He kissed me and i kissed him back and i hugged him,

Me: "Bye Zayn"

He got out of the car and i went back home. It was 6:00 and i was texting the boys mostly Zayn. It was 9:00 pm and i went and changed into my pajamas and i brushed my teeth. i had school tomorrow. I went into my room and i went into my bed and i fell asleep. 

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