The Typical Badass( short story)

they call her "A"what will "A" do when she has five new friends...maybe she'll call them her group turns out hurtful but not as much as the past , could they help fix her...Or could they not ?...find out..


9. School

Ashley P.O.V.

I woke up from my alarm and i was still pretty tired still. I grabbed my towel and went to shower and then 10 minutes later i got out and i wore a plaid shirt, black skinny jeans, leather jacket and my black vans. I left my hair down and i did my makeup. I got a text from Zayn saying that he was going to be herein a minute. I got my things and i went downstairs i made myself a waffle and i ate it. Zayn came in and i hugged him and kissed him and Liam came up.

Me: "Hi Liam"

Liam: "Good morning guys"

Me: "Good morning Liam"

Zayn: "Good morning" 

Me: "Shall we go now?"

Zayn & Liam: "Yes"

Liam was wearing a black v-neck and black skinny jeans. Zayn was wearing a leather jacket and black skinny jeans as well. We went outside and went inside my car Zayn sat beside me and Liam sat in the back. We got to school and me and Zayn were holding hands and everybody was starring at us but i didn't care. Liam was behind us as we walked to our lockers. I saw Harry was wearing a black ramones shirt and skinny jeans. Louis had a black shirt and jeans. Niall had a blue hoodie, black shirt and jeans. 

Me: "Hey"

Louis, Harry & Niall: "Hey"

Niall: "Why are you holding Zayn's hand?"

Me: "Because we are dating"

Harry: "Awe love birds"

I giggles and i walked to my locker and i got my things for history and we started talking on homework and random stuff. Louis helped me with a question in math and the bell rang. i had all my history stuff i kiss Zayn and said bye to the others and me and Liam walked into History class and learned more about history. 

~ Skip to Lunch ~

I walked to my locker and put my things away. I shut my door and i was walking in the cafeteria when i heard the group of girls talking and they were saying things like whore slut ugly. That got me pissed oof and i turned to the girls who were whispering. 

Me: "You know i can hear you"

Girl: "Yeah and?..." 

Me: "Well you better stop before something happens to you"

Girl: "Awe I'm so scared"

I clenched my fist and i punched her two times in the face and i saw Zayn running up to me and he grabbed my hand and he pulled me away from her. I was really pissed and Zayn pulled me out of the school and into our little hide out. 

Me: "Zayn let go of me"

He sat down and patted the spot next him and i did.

Zayn: "Why did you punch that girl?"

Me: "Reasons"

Zayn: "Something she said was it?"

I nodded starring into the field. 

Zayn: "You know you can get suspended for doing something like that"

I just shrugged my shoulders.

Zayn: "Not very good for your diploma"

Me: "I don't really care she deserved it"

Zayn: "Ashley you need to learn how to control your anger"

What the hell was he talking about about how i was feeling i really didn't want to fight with him.

Me: "Whatever" 

I was getting up when Zayn pulled me back down and now my head was laying on his lap. 

Zayn: "Sorry if that made you upset i just care you you"

Me: "It's alright Zaynie Boo"

I laughed a little and so did he. He layed back but i crawled on him so now i was like straddling him.

Me: "Zaynie Boo?" he laughed.

Zayn: "Yes?"

Me: "I love you"

Zayn: "I love you too"

I started kissing him and he kissed me back and then he was on top of me and i layed my head on his chest and i was listening his heartbeat. We decided that was should go back so we got up and we both entered the school. I heard the principal.

Principal: "Ashley Harrison please come to the office"

I looked at Zayn and he nodded and i gave him a kiss before i made my way down to the principal office. I walked inside to see the girl holding an ice pack to here face.

Principle: "Harrison why did you punch this girl?" 

Me: "Because of something she said"

I gave glares to the girl but she just avoided me, 

Principal: "No right for violence! Violence is not the answer you have detention. You will get suspended for one day"

Me: "Okay"

The principal gave me a note for detention after school and i went to my locker and saw Zayn standing near it.

Zayn: "What happened?" 

Me: "Got suspended for one day and i have detention today" 

Zayn: "Suspension? wow. Can I be with you in detention?"

Me: "if you want i don't know if they'll allow you"

Zayn: "Detention? They'll allow me trust me"

Me: "Alright" 

The bell rang for music and we went and the boys were there too. I wanted to sleep so i layed my head down and i felt someones jacket on me. It was Zayn's it smelled like him. The bell rand and it was time for detention. I walked to detention with Zayn and i brought my homework  I told the boys where we were and the boys said they were worried for me. Oh well. 

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