The Typical Badass( short story)

they call her "A"what will "A" do when she has five new friends...maybe she'll call them her group turns out hurtful but not as much as the past , could they help fix her...Or could they not ?...find out..


6. Park

Ashley P.O.V.

I woke up from a dream a really good one. I reached for my phone near my dresser when i felt someones arm wrap around my waist and pull me back. I turned around to see Liam laying there with his arms wrapped around me. I started to stare at him sleeping he was so beautiful yeah i was creepy. I was starring at him and then I saw his eyes slowly open and when they were fully opened he smiled.

Liam: "Good Morning" 

Me: "Good morning. Why are you in here?"

Liam: " i couldn't sleep so i wanted to come in here and sleep with you"

Me: "Oh can you lets me go so i can go to the washroom"

Liam: "Yeah sorry"

He smiled and then unwrapped his arms from me. I got up and i walked to the washroom and i knocked on  he door. Zayn opened the door and he was shirtless oh my. 

Me: "Can i use the washroom?"

Zayn: "Sure beautiful"

He stepped aside and ruffled my hair.

Me: "I didn't comb it yet"

Zayn: "Don't it looks good like that" he smiled his gorgeous smile at me. 

Me: "You feeling better?"

Zayn: "Yeah a lot"

I was starring at his abs and when i shook my head snapping out of it when Zayn lifted my chin. He smirked and he just walked past me and i was able to stare at his perfect ass. he turned back and i turned around yep i am a total pervert. I brushed my teeth and since Zayn liked my messy hair i left it. I washed my face and i still had my pajamas on. Short shorts and a tight tank top. I left the washroom and went downstairs. 

I got to the kitchen and i made pancakes, toast and eggs and i poured some orange juice. I layed then on the table to eat and i started eating and the rest of the boys came. Niall, Liam and Zayn was in sweats and no shirt. Harry and Louis with only boxers on. Damn!

Me: "No shirts?"

they all started laughing. 

Me: "Harry and Louis boxers really?"

Harry: "I sleep naked"

Me: "Really!?"

Harry: "Yeah"

Great i thought i had to clean my couch with him naked on my couch is just awkward. 

Louis: "What are you complaining about your only wearing a tight tank top that show your nice boobs and shorts that show your ass"

Me: "Whatever" I blushed. 

They ate and i stood up and to get the orange juice in the fridge and i could feel the boys starring at my body. I quickly poured the juice into the cup and i sat back down i saw Liam and Zayn smirking at each other. wow. 

Me: "Do you guys wanna go to the park?"

Boys: "Yes"

We finished eating and i put all the plates into the sink and i walked into my room. I took a shower and i got my towel and went to the bathroom and i showered i wrapped the towel around my body. I walked out and at the same time Liam walked out of my mom's room.

Liam: "Hey"

Me: "Hi"

I walked into my room and i got ready quickly. I got a sweater, jeans, my vans and a beanie. I combed my hair and i put on some foundation and a bit of mascara. I walked into the living room and all the guys were on the couch watching TV and dressed, I went to my door.

Me: "Come on guys let's go"

They got up and we went out and we were walking around and i was talking to Louis. 

Me: "The park is around here somewhere"

We walked around the comer and i started running towards the park and so did the boys. I ran to the swings. 

Zayn: "Excited for the swings?"

Me: "Yes"

Zayn: "Do you wanna go on a date?"

I started thinking.

Me: 'Sure why not"

I got butterflies in  my stomach and i couldn't believe it and i was so excited for our date. Then i realized it...


Me and Zayn walked and we went to the teeter tatter and i went on it and it was so fun especially Zayn  every time he went high. Liam saw me and grabbed my hand. 

Liam: "Come wanna play a game?"

Me: "What game?"

Liam: "Tag"

We all got together and it was Niall that was it. I ran and i hid behind a tree and then i saw Harry get caught and i saw Louis getting chased by Niall but Niall was faster and caught Louis. Niall started chasing Liam but Liam was way faster and he got Zayn instead, Liam was running and he came to the tree where i was. 

Liam: "Hey" he was all out of breath. 

Me: "Hi"

I ran to another tree and Niall had his eyes locked on me and started chasing after me and Liam started running towards me and he grabbed my hand and ran. Niall got tires and he sat down and relaxed while Liam ran me to a tree. 

Me: "thanks"

Liam: "Yeah no problem"

Me: "you run fast" 

Liam: "Yea i took cross country when i was in school"

Me: "Oh" 

Niall came and we started running again and Niall was behind me and caught me.

Me: "Awe Niall" i pouted. 

I ran back to the others and Liam was still not caught. I just sat there and chilled and relaxed and then we went back to my house. We watched some TV and then they said that they had to go home and they left. I was alone and i got bored so i decided to text Zayn. 

To: ZaynTheBadBoy
So when do you wanna go?
From: Ashley 

To: Ashley
Tomorrow does that sound good at like 4? I'll pick you up but i can't tell you where we are going it's a surprise.
From: ZaynTheBadBoy 

To: ZaynTheBadBoy
Awe, it's fine with me
From: Ashley

I was just texting him and then i fell asleep dreaming of where Zayn was going to take me. 

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