The Typical Badass( short story)

they call her "A"what will "A" do when she has five new friends...maybe she'll call them her group turns out hurtful but not as much as the past , could they help fix her...Or could they not ?...find out..


5. Movie Nights

Ashley P.O.V.

~ Skip a couple of days of school ~

It was Friday and i was bored. My mom left for another business trip and she would come home on Sunday. I only had $50, i thought i would invite the boys over. i texted them all and they said they would come in like 2 hours. It was 4:00 we'll have a movie night. I was still in my pajamas i needed to shower. After i was done showering i put on a white cardigan, cute top, jeans and bunny slippers. I put my hair into a side braid and i put on some foundation and mascara.  

~ After 2 hours ~

I was making popcorn and i heard the door bell. I opened the door and it was Niall and Harry.

Me: "Oh hey come in"

I moved out of the way to let them in.

Harry: "You have a big house!"

Me: "Yes i'm alone in this big house" 

Niall: "Where are your parents?"

Me: "My mom is on a business trip" 

Me: "Go sit on the couch make yourself comfortable"

Me: "I'll be right back"

I went to the kitchen and i was getting the popcorn, chips and drinks. I heard the doorbell ring but i was busy.

Me: "Hey can one of you get the door?"

Harry & Niall: "Sure"

I was busy getting drinks when i felt someone wrap their arms around my waist and i turned to see Liam wrapping his arms around my waist and Zayn and Louis were beside him. 

Me: "Hey"

Liam, Zayn & Louis: "Hey"

Liam and Louis walked to the living room and i was still working on drinks, food and stuff. 

Zayn: "you never gave me my hug yet?"

I turned around to see Zayn standing there smirking.

Me: "Fine come here"

I hugged him and he hugged me back. Zayn helped me carry the food and stuff into where the boys were. I saw all of the boys were just sitting there talking. i placed the food and drinks on the table and i grabbed the remote and sat on the long black couch. I wrapped a blanket around me. Liam and Zayn sat on each side of me. 

Me: "Wanna watch a movie?"

Boys: "Yeah"

I went on my PS3 and i went to Netflix.

Me: "What about the hunger games?"

I played the movie and like 30 minutes into it Liam asked me where the washroom was.

Me: "Upstairs take a right and the second door"

Liam: "Okay thanks"

Liam P.O.V.

I went to the washroom and when i was done i was really curious where her room was. I walked to this door and there was this huge bed room and i'm pretty sure it was her's. It was painted dark green with white curtains and a big bed. It was light brown wooden floor and a big mirror with makeup on a circular table beside it. I looked around and i saw a window. I walked closer and the sight was beautiful. I saw a book and some paintings beside her dresser. I looked at her drawings they were really good.  I decided to lay on her bed and it smelled like vanilla and i just layed there and i shut my eyes for a quick second and i sniffed in the scent. I enjoyed that moment. 

Ashley P.O.V.

I got really hot so i wanted to change into a more comfortable shirt. I excused myself and i walked into my room and the lights were shut off but i didn't bother to put them on because there was a little bit of light form the window. I got a shirt and i took off my shirt and then i heard coughing form behind me. I turned around and i saw Liam staring at me smirking at me and he was sitting on my bed. My cheeks slowly got red and i grabbed my shirt and pulled it on.

Me: "Liam what are you doing here!?"

Liam: "Sorry, I shouldn't have been here i was curious, sorry"

Me: "It's fine" 

Liam; 'You got quite a big house"

Me: "yeah"

Liam: "You draw pretty good too i saw some of your pictures"

Me: "Oh so you went snooping through my stuff?"

Liam: ", I kind of did, not your clothes"

Me: "It's fine"

I'm glad he didn't see my clothes. 

Me: "Are you going to watch the movie?"

Liam: "Can i just chill in here with you?"

Me: "Uh...sure"

I sat down beside Liam and he layed back down and he put his hands behind hid head and he just starred at the ceiling. 

Liam: "So can i ask you something?"

Me: "Sure'

Liam: "Do you.... never mind"

Me: "What? No tell me"

Liam: "Okay fine."

Liam: "Do you like Zayn?"

I was just thinking on what to say all these thoughts were running through my head. 

Liam: "Well do you?"

I was still confused.

Liam: "Ashley!" 

He came closer to me.

Liam: "Please tell me"

He leaned closer and kissed my cheek. 

Liam: "Now tell me"

He whispered into my ear sending shivers down my back. I gad to tell him i liked Zayn and him but something made me think that it will hurt his feelings so i didn't want to. 

Me: "I don like Zayn and you"

Liam: "So you do? and you like me too?"

Me: "yeah"

Liam: "I like you too but you probably know that" 

Me: "I like you a lot too" 

I smiled at him. 

Liam: "So do you like me more than Zayn?"

Me: "I like you two equally" 

Liam: "Really?"

Liam leaned closer and i could feel his breath on me and he was teasing me and it sent chills down my spine. He went close to my cheek. I turned my face very close to his.

Me: "Yes, really"

He smirked and leaned in so his lips were almost touching mine.

Liam: "Really? Are you sure?"

Me: "Ye-"

He cut me off by kissing me on the lips and his lips were so soft i couldn't resist. I kissed him back and he held on to my face and we went deeper and deeper into the kiss. He pushed me back so now my back was against the bed and he kissed me harder. He was straddling me and we were kissing. He licked my bottom lip asking for entrance and i allowed him and both of our lips were fighting for dominance. He were interrupted by coughing. We stopped and i looked into Liam's eyes and he got off of me and i licked my lips and we heard coughing again. We looked at the door to see Niall, Harry, Louis and worst Zayn and he looked pissed.

Zayn: "What the fuck Liam. What are you doing?"

Liam: "Kissing her what does it look like?"

Liam: "Why you jealous aren't you?" he smirked.

Zayn: "FUCK YOU! You know I like her!"

Liam: "Well what are you going to do about it?"

Zayn: "This"

He walked up to me and grabbed my face and pushed me onto the bed and he started kiss me and i kissed back feeling butterflies in my stomach. He licked the bottom of my lips and i let him enter not caring if people were still here. We were fighting with our tongues  I saw Liam push Zayn off of me and punch him in the face and Zayn fell to the ground. 


I rushed to Zayn's side to see if he was okay. 

Liam: "It was nothing"


I helped Zayn up. 

Liam: "He should be more strong then"

Me: "What!? Strong, he didn't see it coming"

I helped Zayn to the washroom while the boys talked with Liam. I shut the door and i started to run the warm water and i opened the first aid kit. Liam hit him straight in the nose and hard too it was bleeding a bit and there was a cut on his eye. i cleaned the blood from his nose. 

Me: "Sorry for that"

Zayn: "It's not your fault, Liam need to control his anger"

Me: "How long were you guys standing there?"

Zayn: "Long enough to know that you like me"

Me: "Oh yeah"

I started to blush. 

Zayn: "So you like me and Liam?"

Me: "Yeah"

Zayn: "Okay. Hope we can change that so you have one choich. Which should be me"

Me: "WOW"

He laughed a bit and i chuckled and i shook my head to stop. I finished cleaning him up.

Me: "You feeling better?"

Zayn: "Yes, now that I'm with you"

Me: "So cheesy"

Zayn: "Whatever"

I grabbed Zayn's hand and we walked back and Liam was talking with the rest of the boys. 

Liam: "Sorry Zayn"

Zayn: "It's fine"

Liam: "Sorry Ashley for my actions"

Me: "It's fine"

I grabbed a towel and i gave it to Zayn and we all walked back into the living room. We sat on the couch and it was 9. Liam sat near me and Zayn sat on the other side. I got up to get a monster drink i had. I closed the fridge and i turned around to see Liam standing there. 

Me: "Hey you scared me a bit"

Liam: "Sorry can this calm you down" 

Liam came towards me and he kissed my cheek my eyes got wide.

Me: "Um okay"

I walked out of the kitchen and back to the couch and started to drink my energy drink. 

Zayn: "Energy drink?"

Me: "yeah"

Zayn took it and took a sip.

Zayn: "taste good"

Me: "Hey that was my drink"

Zayn: "Oh well"

Me: "Awe come on?"

Zayn: "Fine here"

He took another sip and then he handed it back to me. I didn't care if his lips were on it i still drank it. 

Harry: "Can we sleep over?" 

Me: "Yea as long as you allowed i don't care"

Me: "Well two people can sleep on the couch and two can sleep in the guest room and one can sleep in my mom's room"

Liam: "I'll take your mom's room"

Louis: "Me and Harry will take the couches" 

Zayn: "I guess me and Niall will take the guest room"

Me: "Oh okay"

The boys called their parents to tell them. We watched TV and adventure time was on . It was 11:00.

Me: "We should go to bed"

Boys: "Yeah"

I gave them blankets and i went to the washroom and i brushed my teeth and i went into my room and i changed into my pajamas and i slept in my bed thinking of what Liam did. I guess all of them were sleeping by now. What could we do tomorrow?

A/N: Hey Guys... Who do you choose? Anyways thanks for reading. Bye <3


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