The Typical Badass( short story)

they call her "A"what will "A" do when she has five new friends...maybe she'll call them her group turns out hurtful but not as much as the past , could they help fix her...Or could they not ?...find out..


2. First Day Of Misery

Ashley P.O.V.

Two weeks passed by and now it's school. I have to go back to that hell hole. It was my day of grade 11 and my mom woke me up.

Mom: "Ashley it's 7:25"

Me: "Okay"

I got up and took a shower and then i sprayed some perfume and i grabbed a black v-neck, plaid shirt, leather jacket, black skinny jeans and combat boots. I tied my hair to the side in a fishtail braid. I put on some foundation and mascara. 

Mom: "Gotta go now, bye hunny" of course work. 

Me: "Okay bye"

She left and i grabbed my bag and other things. Then i grabbed my lunch which was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I got my phone and i looked at the time and it was 7:40. I got outside and locked my door and went to me black Lamborghini i loved this car. I drove to my school and it was like 10 minutes away form my house. I went to my normal spot near the back corner in the parking lot near a big tree. I grabbed my all my things and i walked into the school so i could get my schedule for the year. 

I walked down the halls and there were whispered from girls everywhere. "There's a" "Did you hear five new boys are coming hope their cute". I just continued walking to my locker. Hmm five new boys wonder who they were. . The bell hang and i made my way to History and when i walked in i was greeted by Mr.Cribs.  OI smiled back taking a seat it the back corner of the room while everyone was coming in. Mr.Cribs was talking but i wasn't paying attention i wanted to sleep instead. Until i got a tap on the shoulder.

Me: "What?" 

I looked up to see a light brown haired 'justin bieber' haircut yet the front sort of up a bit so i could see his face and ye had brown eyes and he had muscles.

Liam: "Umm... Is someone sitting here?"

He pointed to the desk beside me.  

Me: "No"

Liam: "Okay"

He sat down and a few seconds later he turned to face me. 

Boy: "I'm Liam, Liam Payne" 

Me: "I'm Ashley Harrison"

Liam: "Are you new here? You don't seem to have an accent."  

Me: "I've been here for a year i moved from Canada" 
"Your new here right?"

Liam: "Yeah i moved here with my five friends as well" 

Me: "Who are your friends?"

Liam: "Well there's Harry, Zayn, Niall, and Louis"

Me: "Nice but you really shouldn't be hanging out with me"

Liam: "Why's that?" 

Me: "I have the reputation as the bad ass" 

Liam: "Oh that's fine"

Me: "Really?"

Liam: "Yeah" 

Then  could hear the girls and boys snickering  "Who's that shes talking to...what? Blah,Blah,Blah" I just gave them all glares. 

I started to listen to Mr.Cribs speech about the war of 1812 it seemed a little interesting. The bell ran and I got up and grabbed my things i said bye to Liam. I see all the idiot boys in my class talking to him. I just left and i went to my locker to grab my things for science and i had like 5 minuted to get there and i passed Mr.Cribs class on the way and i heard grunting and groaning as if someone was in pain. I went in to see Liam holding his stomach. I rushed over to him.

Me: "Are you okay? What Happened?"

Liam: "Nothing-g"

Me: "No your hurt what happened?"

Liam: "Nothing-g why do you care?"

Me: "Because i do now tell me what happened?"

Liam: "Nothing now leave me alone"

He slowly got up and limped as soon as he did and i stood up and grabbed his wrist turning him around.

Me: "Seriously, i care now please tell me what actually happened?"

Liam: "It's nothing really" 

Me: "Liam, i won't let you go until you tell me how you got hurt"

Liam: "I fell"

Me: "I doubt you're your in a lot of pain because of that. Please just tell me...Did those guys hurt you?" 

He didn't respond he just looked down and i just grabbed his other wrist and he was chest to chest with me and i looked into his eyes and i could see tears about to fall from his eyes.

Me: "They did didn't they?"

He nodded and i felt really bad for him and i was angry i pulled him into a hug.

Me: "Im sorry. I'll go do something"

Liam: "Something?"

Me: "Something"

Liam: "Please Don't" 

Me: "Payback" 

The bell was about to ring i helped him and i got my things off the floor and i had to get to Science.

Me: "Gotta go"

Liam: "Please don't do anything" 

Me: "Payback is a bitch" 

I started to make my way to class and i felt bad i really wanted to help Liam. He was different i could tell. I walked into my science class also greeted by Mrs.Clara. I went near the back and i sat down. I saw Mrs.Clara about to close the door when a tall curly haired boy with green eyes came enter. 

Mrs.Clara: "Oh good morning, Styled almost late"

Harry: "Sorry"

He came in and he scanned around the room looking for a place to sit and i stared at him until he looked at me dead in the eyes. Then he came over and sat beside me but i couldn't think of how Liam was. the boy sat down beside me and he smirked and chuckled.

Me: "Why are you laughing Styles?"

Harry: "Nothing you seem...Never mind"

Me: "Seem what?" 

Harry: "Nothing never mind. It's Harry by the way Harry Styles" 

Me: "Oh. Well i am Ashley Harrison. Your Liam's friend right?"

Harry: "Nice name and yes i am. And your the bad ass i heard about?"

Me: "Yea i guess i am. You know Liam right he got hurt"

Harry: "Oh really i hope he's okay" 

Me: "Your new right?"

Harry: "Yes, i came here with my four other friends Niall, Zayn, Liam and Louis" 

Me: 'Oh"

Mrs.Clara started talking about a project on living things a writing assessment. She said to turn to whoever is beside you and that is your partner.

Harry: "Hey Partner" 

Me: 'Hi"

We started talking about the project and i noticed we only had a few minutes before class ends and it's due tomorrow. 

Harry: "I guess this project will take longer"

Me: "Yeah"

Harry; "Wanna come over? We can work on it plus my friends will be there"

Me: "Sure do you have a ride?"

Harry: "No we can walk it's about 10 minutes"

Me; "No! you can come into my car and it won't take longer than 10 minutes."

Harry: Oh okay"

Me: "Meet me at the back corner parking lot A13 near the big tree" 

Harry: "Alright sounds like a plan"

the bell rang. 

Me: "Bye" 

I went to my locker and i grabbed my supplies for art and i walked down the hall. I saw Liam his locker was like 8 lockers down from me and it was near the janitor closet. I walked over to him.

Me: "Hey"

Liam: "Oh hey"  

He grabbed my wrist and pulled me into the janitor's closet.

Me: "Liam?"

Liam: "Sorry but listen"

Me: "Yeah?"

Liam: "Please don't do anything" 

Me: "Why? They-"

Liam: "No buts. Just don't.. Please i can fight my own battles. Thanks for helping me though"

Me: "I just don't want to see you hurt" 

Liam: "Awe you care?"

Me: "I do I'm your friend' 

Liam: "Friend?"

Me: "Why? You are my friend right?"

Liam: "No"

Me: "What? Then why are you here go" I felt pain. 

Liam: "I'm your best friend"

Me: "Oh... haha" 

We walked back into the hall and out of the closet and no people where there they were probably outside or in the washroom but i don't care if they saw me with Liam. 

Me: "I met Harry he's in my science class and i told him that you got hurt. He was worried see a lot of friends care not just me" 

Liam: "Oh, Well tell Harry that i am fine"

Me: "Yea see we have to do a science assessment and i am going over to his house to do it with him and he said that you and the other will be there. Wanna come?"

Liam: "Um. yeas sure okay"

Me: "Do you have a ride?"

Liam: "No i walk" 

Me: "Okay come to the back corner near the big tree in parking lot A13. I can drive you yo Harry's after school" 

Liam: "Oh okay thanks i should get going to class"

Me: "Okay bye" 

Liam: "Bye:

We went our separate ways and i had my things for art my favorite class. On my way there the bell rang and i went into Ms.Hogan's class. I went down to my usual spot in the back and i saw a beautiful boy with black hair styled into a quiff come sit beside me. He had sort of a bad boy type of style and i liked it. Ms.Hogan told us on how to paint a portrait of someone or something. When she was done she gave us sketching pads and i was thinking what to draw. I was deep in thought when someone tapped me.

Me: "Umm yes?"  

I turned to see the boys I was describing earlier. 

Zayn: Sorry to bother you. But um.. Can i draw you?" "It's Zayn Malik by the way"

Me: Oh well i am Ashley Harrison. You must be Liam and Harry's friends right?"

Zayn: "Yea i am also friends with Louis and Niall" "Do you mind if i draw you?"

Me: "You want to draw me?"

Zayn: "Yeah do you mind?"

Me: 'No it's fine."

I sat there in my seat facing him and i was self conscious but i was much into Zayn's drawing. 

Zayn: "Don't worry your beautiful" 

I could feel myself blushing. 

Me: "Um. Thanks you too"

Zayn: "What's that?"

Me: "You too"

Zayn: "You too. what?"

Me: "your beautiful" 

Zayn: "Thanks" 

Zayn kept drawing me and he seemed very interested until like 20 minutes i was  just staring at him and we only had 15 minutes of class left and he was done. 

Zayn: "Here it is"

I looked at it and i was amazed it was really good and accurate. 

Me: "Wow this is amazing. Your really good and drawing"

Zayn: "Thank you" 

We had like 10 minutes and i decided to draw Zayn but he wasn't looking at me he was working a bit on his picture. 

Me: "Did Harry invite you to his house after school?"

Zayn: "Yeah how did you know?" 

Me: "Oh i have science with him and i am his partner on some project so i am coming after school." 

Zayn: "Yeah i coming" 

Me: "umm. do you have a ride?"

Zayn: "No none of us boys have a car we all walk"

Me: "Ok then do you want a ride with me?"

Zayn: "Sure" 

The bell rang and i walked to my locket to see Liam by his locker with a bunch of idiots that where in my class crowding him. i walked over to them. 

Me: "Hey go away losers"

I moved in front of Liam

Me: "Stop bothering him" 

They all nodded there heads in shock and they walked away. Liam grabbed my wrist and turned me around so i was  now chest to chest with him. 

Liam: "i told you i can fight my own battles"

Me: "You couldn't there was like 5 of them"

Liam: "I could have pfft i'm strong" 

Me: "Yeah sure" 

Liam: "Thanks"

Me: "No problem" 

I walked to my locker and i grabbed mt things and headed for math and i said bye to Liam. The bell rang and it went by really fast and it was really boring. 

I walked to my locket to get my things for music and  i closed my locker.

Harry: "Boo!" 

Him and his four friends. So there was five of them. One had blonde hair and blue eyes while the other one had brown hair and blue eyes. They must be Niall and Louis. 

Me: "Oh hi"

Harry; "Hey this is Zayn-"

Me: "I know Zayn"

Harry: "Well this is Louis" 

He pointed at the boy with brown hair and blue eyes. 

Harry: "And Niall"

He said pointing to the blonde one.

Niall & Louis: "Hi"

Me: "Hi. What class do you guys have now?" 

All of them: "Music"

Me: "Me too" 

They all smiled and then the bell rang so we all walked to music class together and i sat in the back and all the boys sat around me. 

Mrs.Brown the music teacher taught us this music thing and gave us worksheets that we had to work on. the bell rang and i went to my locker and i noticed that Louis, Niall and Harry's lockers were beside me.

Me: "You guys coming?"  

I got my homework and i put it into my bag. 

Me: "Come on let's go"

I walked outside the school and all of them followed behind me and i had my keys in my hand. We got to my parking spot and my black Lamborghini was sitting there waiting there for me.

Louis: "This is your car?"

Me: "Yep"

I walked over and i opened the door and i got in.

Me: "Come on guys" 

There jaws were dropped at my car and i loved it eventually they got in and Harry say in the passengers side.  

Zayn: "Wow such an expensive car."

Me: "My family's got money" 

Harry: "Nice car"

Me: "Thanks. Now where do you live?"

Harry told me the directions and we were there in less that 10 minutes. We got to Harry's big beautiful house. 

A/N: Thank you Guys for reading and updated will be soon. 


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