The Typical Badass( short story)

they call her "A"what will "A" do when she has five new friends...maybe she'll call them her group turns out hurtful but not as much as the past , could they help fix her...Or could they not ?...find out..


11. Fighting


 A/N: I'm back Sorry guys, Internet as down. I read like 5 books during this week oh lord, my friends were telling me how much I read whatever. The books were amaZAYN! Ok now back to the story.

Ashley P.O.V.

I woke up in the morning in Zayn's arms still around my waist. I looked at my phone and it was 6:30. Me and Zayn had to go to school. I needed to wake him up. I turned around so I was facing him and I pecked him on the lips. He opened his eyes and I backed away.

Me: "Good Morning" he smiled.

Zayn: "Good Morning"

I ran my finger through my hair until Zayn stopped me.

Zayn: "Don't Worry remember you look cute with your messy hair"

Me: "Okay"

Me: "Can I take a shower?"

Zayn: "Yeah sure! Can I watch?" with that cheeky smile on his face.

Me: "Nope"

Zayn: "Awe"

Zayn got me a towel and I grabbed it and I got my new clothes and my toothbrush and I made my way to the bathroom. I stripped off all my clothes and I went and took a shower. After 10 minutes I was done. I changed into new clothes. I wore a black t-shirt, beige jeans, vans and I put my hair up into a messy bun. I opened the bathroom door and I put all my dirty clothes into my bag and I saw Zayn brushing his hair. I grabbed my make up bag and I walked back into the bathroom. I put on my foundation and stuff. Zayn came behind me while I was searching for my mascara and when I found it I was putting it on. Zayn disappeared all of a sudden Zayn popped up behind me.

Zayn: "Boo"

Me: "Zayn! You made me mess up my mascara!"

I whined and I turned to face him and I had a sad look on my face.

Zayn: "Sorry"

He licked his thumb and he tried to clean it off since it was over my face.

Me: "Ewww!"

Zayn: "Oh shut up"

He cleaned my mascara off.

Me: "Awe thank you"

I turned to the mirror and I finished off and I got some of my perfume(Justin Bieber)

Me: "Aren't you going to shower?"

Zayn: "Yeah"

I grabbed my make up bag and I left the bathroom. Zayn got a pair of boxers and he grabbed his towel and he went to the bathroom. I gathered up all my homework and I put it in my bag. While I was cleaning up I turned around and I saw Zayn standing near the door and his towel was around his neck and he just had his boxers on. Man this boy was fit I mean like ABS! I bit my lip and I remembered that I forgot something in the washroom and I walked passed him.

Me: "Your such a tease"

I could feel him starring at me.

Me: "Go put some clothes on"

I got my bag and I put my make up in my bag and I felt someone's arms wrap around my waist. Zayn put his face in the crook of my neck and his hot breath hitting me every second. He came closer if that were even possible and his you know what was touching my bum.

Zayn: "Does this?"

He touched my thigh.

Me: "Hey stop!" I pushed him away.

Zayn: "Sorry"

I just nodded, it's fine I'll get him back. We got ready and Zayn was wearing jeans and a hoodie.

Zayn: "Come on let' get breakfast"

He grabbed my hand and I grabbed my bag and we walked downstairs. We end up having cereal for breakfast. We left and we got into my car. We got to school and I parked my car and we headed inside. I saw Louis and Niall near the lockers.

Me: "Hello"

I saw Liam and he was looking through his locker. I was walking towards him and Harry passed me. I waved at him and he waved back. I reached Lim.

Me: "Hey"

Liam: "Hi"

Zayn: "Hey, Is something wrong? You look sad"

There was a silence and Liam didn't respond, he didn't look up or anything he kept on looking down.

Me: "Hello?"

Liam: "Oh Sorry nothing. I'm fine"

I knew something was up I could tell. I pulled his wrist and he looked up and I saw his face. Well it was tired looking, bruised...BRUISED? As if he was hit on the cheek and the eye. He flinched when I grabbed his wrist.

Liam: "Ouch!"

I pulled up his sleeve and I looked and I saw cuts. I gasped. I went to go look in his eyes but I couldn't he was looking away. I guess he was ashamed. I looked at Zayn and he was starring at the cuts on Liam's wrist. Zayn looked sad.

Zayn: "Dude?...Liam"

Liam looked up at Zayn and then Liam looked over at me. I could see tears were forming in his eyes.

Me: "Why Liam?"

I felt angry it was the bullies who caused him all the pain. I punched a lockers that was beside him. Zayn took my fist after that was now swelling.

Me: "Why?"

Liam looked away ashamed and I dropped my books. Zayn picked them up and I turned away form Liam and I started walking down the hall fast.

Liam: "WAIT! What are you doing Ash?"

Zayn: "Babe where are you going?"

They were trying to keep up with me. I just walked down the hall faster. I turned to my left down the hall and I turned again. I saw the bullies or three idiots that had been picking on Liam. I walked in front of them and they had their books in their hands laughing. I wanted to slap or punch them in the face but I already got suspended to I didn't want to get in trouble again. Zayn wasn't following me anymore so I went up to the boys and I pushed all their books to the ground.

Bully: "What the fu-"

Me: "Shut the fuck up"

Me: "What the fuck did I not tell you guys not to do on fucking simple thing. Leave the kid alone"

Bully: "Wait Liam?"

Me: "yes you fucking Idiot. You guys need to stop. I told you once I should not have to tell you again. Do any of you guys have a life you fucking Cunts!?"

Bully: "What your boyfriend is a weak pussy"

Me: "No e is not my boyfriend. He is not a pussy at least he can get one" I giggled at the last part.

Bully: "Hmm are you sure?"

He started getting closer to me and I jus nodded. I started backing away but then I hit into a wall there was no one in the halls. Where is everybody they are in their own halls.

Me: "No do you understand? What the fuck do you bully him like stop seriously. It's pathetic and stupid"

Bully: "Or what?"

He started coming closer to me and his fiends were crowding me.

Me: "Or something will happen to you guys"

Bully: "Oh really?"

Me: "Yes fucking really"

He came closer to me and I was staring him straight in the face. My fist were clutched tightly they were turning white.

Bully: "Hmph"

Bully: "Hey Slut, Aren't you going to call your boyfriend Zach?"

Me: "Hey Dick, first it's Zayn. Ok. Second no I don't need to call him."

Bully: "You should because we will mess you up"

Me: "Well I'm not going to"

I leaned forward and I grabbed the collar of his shirt.

Me: "I think you should call your little slut. If you can actually get one" I chuckled a bit.

He pulled my hands from his collar and he pushed me into the wall hard and he was holding onto my shoulders.

Bully: "LISTEN BITCH! I do have one"

Me: "Hmph...Okay"

Bully: "Wow okay. I do your just a little ignorant bitch who protects her little pussy friend"

Me: "I think you should get your hands off of me. You wouldn't want your slut who must be desperate to be jealous now"

I backed up and  smiled in victory.

Bully: "Shut the fuck up"

His friends came closer to me and the what I'm guessing the 'main leader'? came closer and he raised his fist.

Me: "Go hit me! I'll tell your little slut and she will break your heart"

He still had his fist clenched and I wasn't afraid for him to punch me I could punch him back way harder. he brought his fist closer to my face when.... Zayn came from out of nowhere and he was holding the kids fist. I could tell Zayn was really angry from his jawline and his fist were clenched turning white.

Bully: "Oh so your Zach"

Zayn grabbed the kids collar like I did.

Zayn: "First it's Zayn. Second leave Liam the fuck alone and  don't touch my babe"

Bully: "Awe" he said in a baby voice.

Bully: "She's a slut"

Bully: "And third?"

Zayn: "This!"

He punched all of them.

Zayn: "You dicks I hope you heard right. Leave Liam fucking alone or you'll get more"

All three of them were on the ground groaning and holding there noses and they were bleeding I guess they were scared of Zayn. They nodded and I saw the smirk appear on Zayn's face, I smiled at Zayn.

Zayn: "Are you alright?"

I nodded and he grabbed my hand and I jerked it away.

Me: "Wait"

I walked to where the kid was I went to the 'leader' and I kicked him in between his legs in the you know where. He grunted and started holding it in pain.

Me: "Now you understand"

I walked away and I caught up to Zayn and he was already walking down the hall. I caught up with him and he was holding my books an I saw that his hand was swelling. I touched it lightly with my finger tips and he turned his head so he was looking at me and he was just studying my face. I smiled and I looked at his hand. I touched a part that looked like it was bruising. When I touched it hi body tensed up.

Me: "Does it hurt?"

Zayn: "A little. No biggie"

I kissed his hand.

Me: "It will get better"

Me: "Nah I'm just kidding"

Zayn: "Your so cute"

He put his arm around me and he kissed my forehead and we walked to my locker. He gave me my books and I saw Liam standing in front of my locker with Harry, Niall and Louis.

Me: "He-"

Liam: "Where were you? You didn't do it right?"

Me: "Looook...Well"

Liam just groaned and slapped his forehead.

Zayn: "I helped her" he smirked.

Zayn: "I punched them and told them to leave you alone. If they don't tell me okay?"

Liam sighed and nodded he smiled and then turned serious.

Niall: "Zayn got into a fight?"

Zayn laughed at how amazed Niall sounded.

Harry: "Wow"

He started talking when the bell rang. I grabbed all my things and I walked off with Liam.

Me: "Liam why did you cut?"

Liam: "I don't know"

Me: "Promise not to do it again?"

He smiled and nodded.

Me: "Pinky promise?"

Liam: "Yeah"

She interlocked our pinky's and we were off to class. The teacher started talking and I didn't see the boys in class I guess they were in the office  

~ End of School Day~

I felt bad for Liam and I needed to help him. I met up with all the boys and I kissed Zayn and he kissed me back.

Me: "You guys wanna go bowling?"

Boys: "Sure"

Niall: "When?"

Me: "Saturday. I'll text you guys the details. Come to my house"

They nodded and I got my bags and all the things I need.

Me: "Guess I'm not going to be here tomorrow"

Zayn: "Why?"

Me: "Suspension"

Zayn: "Oh I'll miss you"

Me: "Awe I know you will"

We walked out of school and I offered to drop them off and I dropped of Zayn last I gave him a kiss and I made my drive back to my house. I went inside and I looked at my hand and it was swollen and it was bruised. When I touched it I winced and I teared up a bit. I think I broke it. I called my mom

Me: "I broke my hand I think"

Mom: "Oh how sweety?"

Me: "Yeah I'm fine. I fell"

Me: "I'm going to the hospital"

Mom: "Okay"

I got my things and I drove to the hospital and I saw my mom there and I got a cast. I went back to my house and slept.

A/N: Hey guys sorry I haven't updated in a while. Sorry Babes I promise I will update sooner. I love you bye.


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