The Typical Badass( short story)

they call her "A"what will "A" do when she has five new friends...maybe she'll call them her group turns out hurtful but not as much as the past , could they help fix her...Or could they not ?...find out..


4. Feelings

Ashley P.O.V.

I woke up and it was 6:00 in the morning. I groaned and i got up and i brushed my teeth. I took a shower and i put on a black v-neck, jeans, and a leather jacket. I let my hair down and i applied foundation and some mascara. It was 6:40am and i decided to text Liam.

To: Liam
Hey are you awake? Do you wanna go to school together? I can pick you up. :)
From: Ashley

Almost instantly i got a reply. 

To: Ashley
Good Morning Beautiful! Yes i would love too. :)
From: Liam 

I smiled and blushed at the first part. I think I'm falling for Liam he is so nice and sweet. Then at the same time Zayn is just so sweet and he's adorable i think i am falling for him too. This is so confusing. I signed and then I went downstairs and i ate some pancakes. My mom didn't come home last night where was she? I called my mom and she told me that she had to go on a long business trip out of the city and she was staying in a hotel and she will be staying for a week  , she left me money though. I got my bag and i got into my car and i checked the time and it was 7:00 so i texted Liam.  

To: Liam
Hey wanna go now? I'll pick you up. Oh and Good Morning.
From: Ashley

A few minutes later i got a text back.

To: Ashley
Yea I'll see you soon!
From: Liam

I drove to his house and i saw him come out the door and he walked to my car and sat in the seat beside me. 

Me: "Good Morning"

Liam: "Good Morning"

We started talking about last night and Zayn and why he was mad and other things. We got to school and i parked my car in my usual spot, i locked the door and i walked out. 

Me: "Hey wanna go check out something?"

Liam: "Like what?"

Me: "Come"

I grabbed his hand and we walked near the school in the back where we got to a place where there was fields, grass and the sun was just so beautiful. It was my little hide out.  

Liam: "What is this?"

Me: "Oh it's this place that i found a year ago. I just sit here sometimes and relax its like my hide out"

Liam: "Oh it's beautiful" 

Me: Come sit"

I patted the ground next to me. I layed down on my back and i started watching the sky. Not even caring if Liam was there. I always thought the sky was like a story just telling it with clouds and it just relaxes me. 

Liam P.O.V.

I watched her she was so beautiful. The sun in her light brown eyes and she was smiling and it was so beautiful. I wanted her to be mine so bad and just kiss her on the lips. She looked so beautiful her tanned skin was glowing in the sun. 

Ashley P.O.V.

We were just watching the sky and i closed my eyes because the sun was kind of killing my eyes. I opened them to see Liam hovering over me and he was really close to my face and i felt my stomach tie into a bunch of knots. His eyes met mine and he looked at my lips then to my nose then to my eyes. His brown eyes were just so perfect. I bit my lip and he smirked and chuckled. I started to blush and he slowly started getting closer to me until i felt his soft lips on me and he kissed me sweetly and gently. i t was perfect and i felt butterflies erupt in my stomach. 

Liam: "Sorry" 

He got up and tried to walk away.

Me: "It's fine"

I blushed and then i looked down. Crap no it wasn't fine it was perfect and my thoughts had to ruin it by me thinking of Zayn why? 

Zayn P.O.V.

I was walking to school when i came around the back and i wanted to sort of look around since i came early and i came across this field. I noticed there was two people there already, this girl with long black hair and a leather jacket she was fit then there was this guy with brown and a plaid shirt with khaki's. They were just laying there. I was curious so i walked closer and i saw that is was Ashley and Liam. What were they doing here together? I just wanted to go over there and grab Ashley and take her away form Liam but i knew i couldn't do that. Ashley closed her eyes and Liam went and looked over her and she opened her eyes and they started at each other. 'Please don't kiss, Please don't kiss' I was wishing in my head. Liam leaned in and HE KISSED HER! No why? I turned away cursing why! i was so mad i pulled my hair and i went into the school and into the washroom and i got so mad i punched the mirror so hard that it cracked and it cut me and it started to bleed i cleaned it up. Why am i feeling like this? I must like her a lot. 

Ashley P.O.V.

I got out my phone and i checked the time and it was 7:40

Me: "We should probably go"

Liam: "Yeah"

We walked back in school and when we were walking to the lockers these idiots from history class push Liam's books causing the books to fall.

Me: "Didn't i tell you guys, don't bother Liam"

Liam looked at me and gave me a 'don't-do-nothing' face. 

Idiot Guy: "Oh why is he your boyfriend?"

Me: "No! but don't bother him got it?"

Idiot guy: "Or what?" he got right up in my face. 

Me: "My face will collide with your face"

He didn't back down or anything. Wow this guy isn't afraid of me yes more fun. 

Idiot guy: "Aww I'm so scared"

Me: "You should be" 

Idiot boy: "Haha okay"

I punched him in the face and i heard him groan and it hit him really hard. 

Me: "Learn! This is your second warning do what i told you or you'll regret it. You guys have nothing better to do then pick on him."

The boy was holding his face and his friends were just giving me glares and helping him. I walked away with Liam behind me. 

Liam: "Ash why would you?"

I opened my locker.

Me: "It was a little hit it didn't even hurt"

Liam: "Violence is not the answer" 

Me: "Think of me as a mom punishing her child. I guess it was nothing."

I looked at him and he grabbed my hand. 

Liam: "Ashley, please just don't do anything else. Don't fight my battles i don't want to see you get hurt." 

I sighed loudly.

Me: "But Liam-"

Liam: 'No buts okay?"

Me: "Okay"

He smiled at me and i didn't want him to be bullied he was to perfect to see him hurt. I smiled back and i checked my phone and it was 7:57. Liam went back to his locker and got his things for history and so did i. We headed over to history and i saw the guys and i just gave them glares. The bell rang and we went into History class and i sat at the back and Liam came and sat beside me. 

Mr.Cribs talked about the history of the civil war or something and i tuned out until i hear my name.

Mr.Cribs: "Hey! Harrison" 

I shook my head and came back.

Me: "Sorry what?"

Mr.Cribs asked me a question and i absolutely had no clue what the answer was until i heard Liam whisper the answer to me and i just copied Liam's answer. 

Mr.Cribs: "Very good"

Me: "Thanks Li" 

Liam: "No problem"

He smiled at me and oh my how much that smile kills me. The class was over and i walked out with Liam to our lockers and i saw Niall, Louis and Harry.

Me: "Hey guys"

Boys: "Hey"

Me: "Where's Zayn?"

Louis: "In the washroom"

Me: "So what classes do you have next?"

Harry: "Science"

Me: "Yeah"

Niall: "History"

Louis: "Math"

Niall: "You?"

Me: "Science"

All of the boys were there except for Zayn until i saw him and he looked in pain. He went to his locker which was near my locker.

Me: "Are you alright?" 

Zayn didn't respond he just ignored me whatever i just shrugged my shoulders. 

Liam: "What;s gotten into you"

Liam patted Zayn on the shoulder. 

Zayn: "Don't touch me"

Niall: "Whoa! Feisty what happened?"

Zayn: "Nothing" he gave me a glare.  

Me: "What the fuck did i do Zayn?"

He ignored me. He grabbed his books for whatever class and i think he had history with Niall. 

Niall: "Don't worry I'll talk to him." he started to chase after Zayn. 

Me: "Oh well" 

I was still wondering what did i do?

Liam: "I bet it's no biggie" 

Liam whispered into my ear and the he wrapped his arm around me. The bell rang and i said bye to Liam and Louis and i walked into Science with Harry. We gave in the writing assignment and the teacher was teaching but i was too deep in thought about Zayn. 

The ball rang and i walked outside and i went to my locker and i got my things for Art and i was just talking to Liam, Harry and Louis. Niall came with Zayn and Zayn was staring at me. Niall and Zayn were talking and i had the nerve to eavesdrop and since they were only 3 lockers away i could hear what they were saying. 

Niall: "Come on bro, don't worry"

Zayn: "I just can't... It's just too much"

What too much? What is he worried about oh come on Niall and Zayn talk more. 

Zayn: "I don't think i could express them"

Niall: 'Awe come on man. I know you could"

Niall: "Little crush?" he started poking Zayn. 

Zayn: "Stop-p more like huge crush"

Who's the girl he has a crush on when i heard that my heart sank and i felt sadness appear over my face. I fell for him and Liam. Why can't i just stop. Who was the girl though? I felt jealousy and anger inside of me. 

The bell rang and i grabbed my picture of Zayn and i had a urge to rip it but i couldn't it was too beautiful and i needed to hand it in. I grabbed my things and i went inside Ms.Hogans class and took my usual seat at the back. Zayn had no choice but to sit beside me. He didn't even bother to say hi or even look at me.

Me: "Hey" 

Nothing but silence. 

Me: "Why aren't you talking to me? did i do something?"

No fucking response and it got me pissed off. Ms.Hogan started describing different artist and showing their work. Then Zayn asked Ms.Hogan if he could use the washroom and she said yes this was my chance.

Me: "Ms.Hogan can i use the washroom?" 

Ms.Hogan: "yes quickly"

I saw Zayn walking to the bathroom down the halls and i caught up to him. i grabbed him and i pulled him into the nearest closet and pushed him into the wall. 

Zayn: "What the hell Ashley!?"

Me: "So now you talk to me?"

Zayn reached the door but I stood in front of him and i grabbed his head away from the knob.

Zayn: "Ouch"

Me: "What sis i hurt you?"

Zayn: "Um.. No"

Me: "Liar"

I grabbed his hand and i saw a cut.

Me: "Did you cut yourself?"

Zayn: "No i was cut by a mirror" he looked down.

Me: "Oh look i don't know what i did but please explain to me what i did because you are stressing me out."

Zayn: "Don't stress it's nothing. We should go"

He looked down at the door knob and reached for it but i hit it away again. 

Me: "No!" 

I stood in front of him and i pushed him back into the wall and i held onto his shoulders with my hand. 

Zayn: "Let go of me" 

he tired to move and get away from me but i didn't let go. 

Me: "I wont let you go until you tell me"

Zayn looked me in the eyes.


Me: "Because i no NOW TELL ME!"

He didn't say anything and i was getting seriously pissed.

Me: "What the hell Zayn fucking tell me!"

No response. 

Me: "Look, understand i do care and i do want to know why your mad and I'd like to work it out. But you'r not helping."

Zayn: "I don't need to tell you"

Me: "Why not? Is it like 'guy code' or something. Why can't you just tell me cause i would really like to know. I really do" 

A tear fell from my eye and i started hitting him on the chest with my fist while my other hand holding him back. 

Me: "Zayn tall me please?"


He flipped me around so now he was pinning me to the wall. 

Me: "Yes-s!"


He started to studder and his head fell on my shoulder and he was crying and i couldn't stand to see him hurt. Was that the reason why he liked me. We had mutual feelings for each other but i liked Liam too but seeing Zayn's soft side made me confused. I didn't want to pick i was in a massive complication. I began to hug him and he hugged me back.

Zayn: "I'm sorry"

Me: "Me too"

Me: "Don't worry"

Zayn: "Okay"

Zayn cheered up and she smiled at me and he was so fucking adorable. I wiped his tear and he smiled at me and i smiled back. He held on to me and he looked me in the eyes and he leaned closer and i fell into his soft gray-brown eyes. He leaned in closer and then he kissed me. I felt the fireworks just as i did with Liam. Zayn's slips were so soft and so attractive. He pulled back and i bit my lip and blushed while looking down.    

Zayn: "Let's go back gorgeous"

I blushed and we walked down the hall to our class and he went in first and a few seconds later i entered.

Ms.Cribs: "You guys took so long"

Me: 'Whatever" 

I rolled my eyes and walked back to my seat. the lights were off and she was showing us artist drawing and paintings on her projector. I just sat there in my seat relaxed knowing that we have 10 more minutes of class left. I was relieved that Zayn had kissed me and Liam too both of them were perfect. Finally the lights turned on and the bell rang i grabbed my things and i walked to my locker and i put my things in my locker and it was lunch finally i'm starving. All of the boys were near my locker. 

Boys: "Hey"

Me: "Hi"

I grabbed my phone.

Liam: "Are going to go get lunch?"

Me: "Yeah"

We got to the cafeteria and all of the boys waited in line and i did too. Liam was behind me and i was so close to him. I got a cookie, juice box and an apple. Niall got chicken nuggets, a cookie, and a juice box. Liam got a Sandwich and a juice box. Harry got a sandwich and a cookie. Zayn got an apple. Louis got a cookie and a sandwich. 

There were no tables left so we went outside to eat. 

Liam: "You have something on your lip"

Me: "What where is it?" i started blushing and i was embarrassed. 

Liam: "Here" 

He licked his finger and wiped his finger on my lip where the cookie crumb was. 

Me: "Um... eww you used your licked finger and put it on my lips"

Liam: "Well we kissed didn't we? What's the difference?" 

Niall spit the food he was eating out of his mouth.

Niall: "You what!?"

I started laughing a bit. 

Liam: "We kissed"

Niall, Harry & Louis: "When?"

Liam: "This morning"

I could see Zayn getting all mad. 

Zayn: "Well me and Ashley kissed too"

Me: "Fuck" 

Liam: "You what!?"

Liam spit his food onto Louis face.

Louis: "EW! guys chew first. Oh My Carrots!"

i started laughed and Louis started chasing me and i came back to my place and sat down. 

Zayn: "I kissed her"

He said coldly and looked directly at Liam's face with no shame.

Harry: "Shit just got real"

Liam: "WOW"

Zayn: 'What do you like her?"

Liam didn't respond and i was heart broken i wanted to cry.

Liam; "Actually yes i do like her a lot!"

Zayn: "So do I" 

Harry whispered into my ear.

Harry: "Holy shit Zayn and Liam like you. What are yo going to do?"

Me: "I don't know" 

Zayn: "Are you cold love?"

Me: "No"

The bell rang and what the fuck just happened Liam and Zayn just confessed their feeling for me. I went inside to my locker and i grabbed what i needed for music and i sat down and the rest pf the boys sat down near me. I listened to what Mrs.Brown was saying and she was talking about music notes and stuff when i got a note i opened it and it said

Hey Ash,
Do you think i could get your lovely phone number for me and the boys. <3
- Zayn xxx

i wrote back.

Sure 217 877 9*** Have fun! 
-Ashley xx

I looked to see Zayn reading it and smiling at me. I smiled back and the bell rang. I went out to my locker i opened it and i grabbed my homework and i put it in my bad and i closed my locker door. 

Zayn: "Oh hey" 

Zayn: "Do you mind if i put my number in your phone?"

Me: "Sure" 

I gave him my phone and then all of the boys asked if they could out their numbers in. I said bye to all of them and I got into my car and i started to drive home when i saw Liam in my neighborhood. 

Me: "Hey, get home safe"

Liam: "HAHA yea mom"  

I got home and i did my homework and I started skyping with the boys and i told them i was tired and i was going to go to bed. I got ready for bed and i got a text.

To: Ashley
Have good sleep, don't let the bed bugs bite. Sleep lovely dear :)
From: Liam

To: Liam
Thanks <3
From: Ashley

To: Ashley
Hey beautiful sleep tight. Sweet dreams dream of me. Just kidding bye <3
From: ZaynTheBadBoy

To: ZaynTheBadBoy
Thank you bye <3
From" Ashley

I don't like playing this game with them and i fell really bad but they are both just perfect and i can't chose and i don't want to break neither of their hearts. With them in my head i fell asleep. 

A/N: Thank you for reading. Damn i have school tomorrow. I hate school oh well i hoped you enjoyed that. The phone number is not real and it was just random. K thanks bye <3 
Who would you choose? 


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