The Typical Badass( short story)

they call her "A"what will "A" do when she has five new friends...maybe she'll call them her group turns out hurtful but not as much as the past , could they help fix her...Or could they not ?...find out..


10. Detention

Ashley P.O.V.

The room had all grey wall and it was so boring, we opened the door and this man he was tall, blonde hair in a bit of a quiff, was wearing a blouse and a bow tie. He had muscles and blue eyes he was quite attractive but he looked like he was in his 20's. 

Mr.C: "Come in"

I walked in with Zayn behind me and Zayn took the desk behind me.

Mr.C: "Can you move further down" He pointed at Zayn. 

Zayn moved away from me. 

Mr.C: "My name is Mr.Cole but you can call me Mr.c, What your name?"

Me: "Ashley"

Mr.C: "And you?"

Zayn: "Zayn"

Mr.C: "What are you guys in here for?"

Me: "Fight"

Mr.C: "And you?" 

He looked at Zayn and i turned back and i looked at Zayn and I mouthed to him. 'Lie that your in here'

Zayn: "Uh... I said something to my teacher"

Mr.C: "Guy stay there I'll be back"

He left and i went and sat next to Zayn. 

Me: "Hi"

Zayn: "Hey babe" 

Zayn leaned over and started to kiss me and an i kissed him back. He grabbed my face kissing me harder and i went over and i straddled him and i started to grind myself on him.

Zayn: "S-STOP-P" 

I pulled back and i smirked and i was still on him.

Zayn: "Do you want to come to my house after?"

Me: "yeah sure"

I went back to my seat and Mr.C came in and i sat there and i took out my book. Mr.C was a grade 9 math teacher and he was looking through his book i decided to text Zayn hiding my book over my phone. Time flew by and i texted my mom slaying that i was going to a friend house after school.

Mr.C: "Alright detention is over you guys can leave now"

Me and Zayn both got up and walked out hand in hand and we got to my car and we sat down. We drove to Zayn's house and we got there. He held my hand as we walked up to the door and we were greeted by this dark haired woman and she was a bit tan and she was very beautiful.

Tricia: "Welcome i'm Tricia Zayn's mom" 

Me: "Hi i'm Ashley I'm Zayn's girlfriend" 

She hugged me.

Tricia: "You are very beautiful. Zayn here can't stop talking about you" 

I looked over at Zayn and he was blushing and he was nudging her to stop. 

Me: "Awe thank you Zayn"

He blushed again his blushing was so cute. He wrapped his arm around my shoulders.

Zayn: "Come on let's go up to my room"

Me: 'Bye Tricia" 

Tricia: "Bye sweety" 

We walked up the stairs to Zayn's room and he opened it. His room was colored blue and there was a tv and play satiation then the regular stuff a bedroom would have. 

Zayn: "Here is my room"

Me: "It's cool" 

I walked to his drawing tapped on the wall and i saw the drawing of me on there.

Me: "Hey weren't you supposed to give that to Ms.Hogan?"

Zayn: "yeah bur i didn't because I'm a bad boy" 

Me: "Haha okay bad boy"

I crawled on his bed and where he was laying and he took his shirt off and pulled me closer to him. I didn't want to look at his abs but it was so attractive. 

Zayn: "Wanna play some play station?"

Me: "Sure'

He gave me a controller and we stated playing some random games and it was really intense,

Zayn: "Ha I win"

I turned and i faced a pillow and i put my face into it.

Me: "Whatever"

Zayn: "That deserves a kiss:

Me: "Nope rematch" 

Zayn: "Okay fine but i will still win"

Me: "We'll see about that" 

I was determined to win and during the game Zayn covered my eyes. 

Me: "ZAYN!"

He dropped his hand and he was smirking and no he wasn't getting away with that i started to rub my hand up and down his thigh getting close to his crotch. 

Zayn: "Stop not fair"

He halfed moaned and he looked at the screen and then he started tickling me. 

Me: 'Stop"

I moved away from him and i was focused and i was further away from him in the game and the game got faster and i neat him. Yes!

Me: "Oh yeah i won haha" 

I jumped on his bed and he just sat there and he didn't say anything. he sat there looking at the screen with his jaw dropped. I crawled over to him poking him.

Me: "Haha i beat you. Boo Yeah! I won you lo-" 

He grabbed my feet and pulled me making me fall down onto his bed. 

Me: "He-"

He cut me off by putting his finger over mt lips to shh me. He was on me and i looked into his eyes and he was smirking, 

Zayn: "Since you won i have to kiss you"

I nodded in agreement and he layed down and slowly he got closer and closer and i felt his breath on mine, He smirked just standing there and he started kissing down my neck. I pulled his face up so now his lips were on my lips. He was straddling him and my back was arched and me still kissing him not daring to break the kiss. He licked the bottom of my lips asking for entrance and i let him while our tongues fighting for dominance. He grabbed my hand and he layed it on his abs and i traced my fingers up and down still kissing him. I got lower and he moaned and i teased him by rubbing his thigh and he moaned again, He went down and started to kiss my neck making me moan this time. He bit my neck.

Me: "What the hell?"

I pushed him off and i ran to the washroom and i looked at the mirror and i saw that he gave me a hickey.

Zayn: "Sorry babe"

He came up behind me.

Me: "It's fine" 

I covered it with my hair and i jumped back on his bed cuddling with Zayn. 

Zayn: "Do you want to sleep over?"

Me: "Yeah but i need to get extra clothes though" 

he walked me down to the car and i opened the door and started to drive home and when i got there my mom wasn't at home she probably left for work. I went to my room and i got a small bag filled and i filled it with clothes. I grabbed my make up, perfume and toothbrush. I ran out the door and i went to my car and i went back to Zayn's house. I walked to his room and i left my nag on the ground in his room. i opened my back pack and we were doing our homework and i texting my mom saying that i was sleeping over and she agreed. 

I was done my homework and it was around 7:00 pm. Zayn wasn't done yet he was working on music. I leaned over and he looked confused,

Me: "Need help?"

He nodded and i helped him and he kissed me on the cheek.

Zayn: "Thanks"

Me: "Your welcome"

Zayn: "I also need to finish my other home work that i didn't finish" 

He smirked and winked and he crawled on top of me not putting any weight on me. 

Me: "Oh really then finish it"

Zayn: "Of course"

He leaned in and kissed me roughly when there was a knock on the door. He grunted and got off of me he walked to the door and opened it.

Zayn: "What?"

Safaa: "Mom said food's done so come down and eat" 

I walked over to where Zayn was and his little sister just left. 

Zayn: "Okay Safaa" 

Zayn had two younger sisters and one older one.

Zayn: "Let's go" 

I hid my hickey with my hair and nodded we walked down hand in and and we were greeted by his sisters.

Zayn: "Mom is it okay if Ashley sleeps over?"

Tricia: "Yea sure honey but no funny business between you two"

I started giggling and Zayn was blushing he went and kissed her on the cheek and i started talking to his sisters Doniya, Waliyha, and Safaa. We sat down and the food was delicious and we talked i didn't want it to be awkward. Hid older sister Doniya told me funny and embarrassing stories of Zayn when he was younger. Zayn was hitting her arm telling her to stop and i was laughing while he blushed and i kissed him on the cheek and everyone awwed. 

 When we were finished i thanked Tricia for the food and i helped her with the dishes. She was telling me that one time Zayn was mad and he got a text from me and he smiled and calmed down and was in a good mood again. She was saying that i was his only girlfriend that she liked all the rest were mean and slutty. i was telling her of how much i loved Zayn and he came up from behind me. 

Zayn: "I love you too! Mom do you mind if i take her now?"

Tricia: "Yes, but no funny business"

I chuckled and smirked while Zayn picked me up bridal style. 

Me: "No Zayn put me down"

He brought me upstairs and into his room and he put me on his bed and i sat there cuddling him. 

Zayn: "Do you want to watch a movie?" 

Me: "yeah"

Zayn put on a movie and i cuddled him layed my head on his lap and the movie was done it was around 10:00. 

Me: "I'm tired"

Zayn: "So am i" 

I got up and Zayn gave me shorts and a big shirt, I changed into them and i got my toothbrush and i brushed my teeth. I washed off my make up and i came out of the bathroom and i sneaked into his bed and put my hair into a pony tail and i set my alarm  He crawled over to me and we wrapped ourselfs up with the cover and and his arms were around me and he had no shirt on damn. His body was sexy he fell asleep and so did I.

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