The Typical Badass( short story)

they call her "A"what will "A" do when she has five new friends...maybe she'll call them her group turns out hurtful but not as much as the past , could they help fix her...Or could they not ?...find out..


7. Date with Zayn

Ashley P.O.V.

I realized that i slept in and it was morning. I got my phone from the side of my bed and i checked and it was 2:00pm my date with Zayn was it 2 hours. I had three text messages. 

To: Ashley 
Hey beautiful! Ready for our date at 4:00?
From: ZaynTheBadBoy

To: Ashley
I can't wait to see you! ;) 
From: ZaynTheBadBoy

To: Ashley
Hey honey i might come at 10 because i have to work late
From: Mom

To: ZaynTheBadBoy
Hey handsome! I also can't wait for our date too
From: Ashely 

To: Mom
Okay Mom
From: Victoria

I got up and i took a shower. What was i going to wear? I looked through all my clothes.

Me: "Aha i found it!"

I picked out a loose sweater and it was mint green and it hanged off my shoulder, light jeans with my vans. I put my hair into a fish tail braid. I put on some foundation and mascara. I was satisfied and i sprayed on some Justin Bieber perfume. I walked downstairs and i grabbed my little black purse and i brought $50 with me and i ate a sandwich. I texted Zayn asking if he could come now and he said sure.  It was 3:00. I just sat there and waited for Zayn to come here. I heard the doorbell ring and i went to go answer it i took a seep breath and opened the door. 

Me: "Hey" i smiled.

Zayn: "Hi you look beautiful." he started to check me out.

Me: "Thank you, you're not too bad yourself"

I started checking him out. he was wearing a leather jacket, black jeans, plaid shirt and his hair was in a quiff. We hugged and he gave me a kiss on the cheek and he gave me flowers that were behind his back. 

Me: "Awe thanks" i looked down at the roses.

Zayn: "Your welcome"

Me: "Hold on let me just put these inside

He nodded and i went inside and i put the flowers in a vase filled half way with water. I ran back to Zayn and he was just standing there at the door. 

Zayn: "You ready to go?"

Me: "Yeah"

Me: "So where are you taking me?" 

Zayn: "Surprise" 

Me: "Awe"

I pouted and he chuckled and smiled oh my gosh that smile it kills me. 

Zayn: "Were taking the bus"

Me: "Ho romantic" Sarcastically said. 

Zayn: "just come you'll see"

Me: "Okay" i smiled.

We got in the bus and when we stopped at this place and we got off the bus and Zayn blind folded me.

Me: "Zayn what are you doing?"

Zayn: "Shhh"

He took the blindfold off and i saw a movie theater. 

Zayn: "You like?" 

Me: "Yeah what movie are we going to watch?"

Zayn: "Anything you want" 

Me: "Okay" 

I was looking at the movies thinking of what movie to choose. I choose this movie that that like a chick flick/ comedy and we went into the theater and i turned off my phone and we sat near the middle row and Zayn sat beside me and he put his arm around me. 

The movie began and in some parts of the movie and we talked about ourselves and i knew a lot about Zayn. He was a great guy i should take the chance. the movie was done and Zayn said that he was another surprise for me. I wonder what it is.  He put his hands over my eyes and he started guiding me and he removed his hands to reveal a small lake with a table and he took my hand. Leading me over to the table i sat down and he pushed in the chair for me.

Me: "Thanks"

Zayn: "No problem"

A waiter came and we ordered our food. We started talking about Zayn's life and mine's. They waiter came with our food and left. Where they hell did he come from and get the food from i don't know. We were eating our food.

Me: "This is beautiful"

Zayn: "So are you"

Me: 'Awe thanks your sexy" i winked and smirked.

Zayn: "Ha your sexy too"

Me: "Thanks" 

Zayn paid and we walked along the lake and it got dark and it kind of got cold. Zayn put his jacket over me and i started talking he turned to face me so now that we were face to face and chest to chest. He was starring into my eyes and I couldn't help but to smile and i felt happy. I should give him a chance and everything is perfect about him. My feelings were clear now. 

Zayn: "Ashley this probably sounds crazy I don't know if you feel the same but i love you. Everything about you just the way your fight shines in the sun and your eyes and everything you're beautiful."

Me: "You love me?"

Zayn: "Yes i do. Do you like me too?" 

I paused and thought. The way his hair feels and his eyes and his body and everything.

Me: "I love you too"

Zayn: "Will you be my girlfriend?"

I thought and realized i cared and loved everything about Zayn so why not give it a try. 

Me: "Yes i would love too"

Zayn: "Do you want to go skating tomorrow?"

Me: "Sure like a second date?"

Zayn: "Yea we'll see how it goes form there"

Me: "Yes it will be fun"

I smiled and he smiled back and he leaned in to kiss me and i leaned in too. Our lips connected and the kiss was slow, beautiful, long, sweet and just well perfect. He pulled back and chuckled.

Me: "What?"

Zayn: "Sorry I'm nervous"

Me: "Awe" i blushed. 

He was nervous and it was really cute and i found it adorable. I kissed him on the cheek. After he grabbed my hand and we took the bus back to my house and we went and just chilled and snuggled watching some TV and we made out until Zayn had to go home. 

Me: "Okay bye Zayn. See you tomorrow text me bye" 

Zayn: 'Sure of course babe"

He kissed me again and he pulled me closer to him and i enjoyed it very much. he pulled back and hugged and kissed my forehead.

Zayn: "Bye gorgeous. I LOVE YOU!"

Me: "I love you too bye" i smiled.

He left and i went back inside my house and i wanted Zayn by my side kissing me. I missed every second of seeing his beautiful smile i guess this is what love is. Everything about him is just perfect, his eyes, the way he cares how looks like even thought he looks sexy all the time, his hair and his body, his face and how we kiss and his hugs just everything. 

I walked into the kitchen and it was 9:00 pm my mom would be home soon. I started into the roses that Zayn gave me and i smiled i saw a little note in it. I raised my eyes at it. What is this? I grabbed it and opened it. 

I love you... Everything about you is perfect and i can't live to not see you. 
I love you truly, deeply, madly... your everything i need and i fell in love for you... Hard

I smiled and i was about to cry he was perfect. I layed on my bed and texting Zayn and i still had the note in my hand holding it too my heart. 

To: ZaynTheBadBoy
I love you too
From: Ashley

Then i saw that i had text messages from Liam. 

To: Ashley
Your with Zayn aren't you. Why?
From: Liam

To: Liam
Because i went on a date with him
From: Ashley

To: Ashley
Why? You know how i felt for you. Are you two dating now/
From: Liam 

To: Liam
Well tomorrow we are having our second date and we are. I'm sorry about your feelings for me. Please don't waste your time on me move on from me. I am sorry i just don't want you to waste your time.
From: Ashley

To: Ashley 
Wow! But i can't get over you i just can't... Ashley i love you!"
From: Liam

I dropped my phone on my bed and i layed on my bed. Liam why do you have to love me? Why? Like why do you 'Love' me it's such a strong word. I got stressed and i ignored my thoughts and i fell asleep dreaming to see Zayn tomorrow. 

Liam P.O.V.

I love her. Why did i feel so angry? I wanted to cry and it made me so pissed. Are they official well it's there second date tomorrow i guess so. Zayn and Ashley i was stressed but my one question why? 

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