New Feelings (one direction fan fiction)

Hi i'm Bree Woods, I have been best friends with Niall Horan (not famous) ever since i was little, but a few weeks ago I started to feel a different kind of feeling for him and now my life has been turned upside down (please read) =)


2. Two

Bree P.O.V

The party was in an hour and I had already picked out an outfit it only took all day I decided to wear my light blue dress that came down to a bit higher than my knees it had frills on the bottom and a darker blue belt with a bow on the side, I went into the bathroom and did my hair and makeup I also decided to curl my hair and put it to the side. I walked down stairs and waited for my friends to pick me up.

Niall P.O.V

I was standing near the door waiting for Bree to arrive. I've known her ever since birth she is a very beautiful girl and I only noticed that a few months ago. Just then the doors opened and she looked so pretty. I must have caught her eye because she was walking up to me and one of my best friends Louis. "Hey boys how are you" she asked. "Fine" replied Louis then he nudged me to say something "Im good to" I said with a nervous tone, I hope she didn't notice. 

Louis P.O.V 

Niall has liked Bree this whole year but he said he is scared to tell her how he feels, because they've known each other forever and life will really change for them especially if they break up or something because there Mums are best friends too.

Niall P.O.V 

Bree walked away and Liam, Harry and Zayn walked up to us there also my best friends. "So have you talked to Bree yet" Liam asked, "He said three words to her" Louis replied to him. "Man just tell her how you feel I can help you, I have a girlfriend i'm like an expert on these" Zayn said "Yeah the rest of us all have girlfriends so ask us we know" added Harry "Okay i will tell her just tell me how I should do it" I told them



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