New Feelings (one direction fan fiction)

Hi i'm Bree Woods, I have been best friends with Niall Horan (not famous) ever since i was little, but a few weeks ago I started to feel a different kind of feeling for him and now my life has been turned upside down (please read) =)


12. Twelve

 Bree P.O.V

I walk through the school gates wearing my favourite outfit (link in the comments) I see everyone saying hi to there friends and talking about the holidays I thought I was a loner but what I didn't realise that moment would be the last minute I was alone until, "BREE!!!!!!" I hear a voice behind me, I turn around it's my best friend Payton "Hey Payti I missed you so much." I said giving her a big hug I haven't seen Payton since the start of summer when she went on holidays and she didn't go to Taylor's party. "So tell me all the goss." I looked at her and smiled "WHAT." She screamed

"There's a guy." She paused "WHO." I looked up at her and smiled again "Niall." I mumbled into my hand, she paused again as if she was having a heart attack. "OMG really how did this all happen." 

It was killing her that she only found out about all this now "Ask him yourself his coming now." I pointed to Niall running up to us and I went and hugged him. He had his arms around me while we all walked to our lockers, Niall locker is next to mine and it always has since the first day because we only knew each other the day we got them. I look at my phone and see which home room I'm in it's the same as Payton but sadly not Niall "Ok bye Niall see you later."

"Hey Bree look who's alone with 2 spare tables next to her." I look over to where she is pointing it's Sarah my other best friend I look back at Payton and then back to Sarah "dibs on the right side." I yell and the whole room looks at us running to Sarah with our arms open wide.

I didn't see Sarah in the holidays because she went to stay with her Dad who lives in another state.

"Hi girls," we all talk while we wait for the teacher "Did you know Bree and Niall are dating now." Payton asks "Umm every one knows that Payton." Sarah replies and Payton throws her head into her hands "Man I wish my Mum got me over seas credit." She said with her head in her hands still. The teacher walks in "Hello students hope you all had a good holiday." 

 I walk out of home room and see the whole school running around getting to where they need to go. I started walking to my locker then I heard 5 familiar voices behind me so I turn around "Hay Bree!" It's the boys "Hi boys." Louis puts his arm around me "May I help you Louis." I look up to him. Niall comes up next to me "Hey Lou, Eleanor's over there."

Louis rans over to her and waves bye to us. The rest of the boys left because they felt the need to leave us alone "So whats your next class" Niall asks, "English…" I answer stoping at my locker "Same" We walk into the classroom and sit down next to each other.......... 


Polyvore link in comments.

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