New Feelings (one direction fan fiction)

Hi i'm Bree Woods, I have been best friends with Niall Horan (not famous) ever since i was little, but a few weeks ago I started to feel a different kind of feeling for him and now my life has been turned upside down (please read) =)


10. Ten

Niall P.O.V

Bree and I walked down to the jetty to have a go at the jet skies "Hi we have reserved an hour lesson on the jet skies " Bree explained to the guy who made all the reservations "I'm sorry thats already being filled" He said pointing out to a girl who was riding around on the jet skies. I couldn't really see who it was.

Bree P.OV

"Its Liz she is using our hour" I explained to Niall because he was kinda slow at figuring it out "Oh my gosh" He said like a teenage girl. Then she came did some tricks and came over and said "This is what you get when you make me mad because nobody makes me mad" Then she wet us. Thats my favourite top ruined, My favourite shorts ruined, everything ruined.We went back to the caravan to dry off 

My Mum walked in and asked "why did you change" "Because of Liz oh and while we are on the subject of Liz we want to go home." I said sounding really annoyed. "Ok well we payed for two weeks and we only have a day and a half left so can you survive those one and a half days." Mum said with hope. "Okay." Niall said. "And to cheer you up we got you some.......… Nandos" Mum said  pulling out what she had behind her back. "YAY YAY YAY YAY WHOO WHOO WHOO" Niall said like a two year old, getting some lollies he really loves nandos.

We walked out to the picnic area. I was sitting there on the look out for Liz  but Niall was just enjoying his food like nothing happened and He does look really cute when he eats, I put my arm around him and  gave him a kiss on the cheek and I started to eat even though there wasn't much left thanks to Niall.

After a few minutes Liz walked past looking really guilty she looked over to us and smiled weirdly. "Why do you recon Liz just walked past, she looks like she is worried about something maybe she is planing  something" I said to Niall then he said something but I'm not sure what because he had a mouth full of food. 


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