New Feelings (one direction fan fiction)

Hi i'm Bree Woods, I have been best friends with Niall Horan (not famous) ever since i was little, but a few weeks ago I started to feel a different kind of feeling for him and now my life has been turned upside down (please read) =)


6. Six

Bree P.O.V

A few days later my Mum and Niall's Mum went shopping. When I heard car doors and ran down stairs my Mum said to me "We are going to our caravan near the beach, the four of us" which means Niall, his Mum, me and my Mum. Niall came up to me and said,"Maybe they want us to get closer in more of a boyfriend girlfriend way,this is gonna be fun" "Yep can't wait" I replied. I started packing my clothes and bikinis. This is gonna be so fun we leave in two days, It's a half hour drive to the caravan park. I love it there, everyday we watch the sunset and have a campfire with marshmallows. I go to the beach and go fishing it's the best. Most times we go its with Niall and his Mum but this time I guarantee it is going to be really different.

Bree's Mum P.O.V 

I have been waiting for this ever since they where babies they have so much in common. It so going to work out because Niall is such a lovely boy. I have been waiting for this day forever and it has finally come! 




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