This girl name "angie" had a best friend name "niall" and angie wanted to go with him but he said he couldn't take anyone ,as the story goes on he forgets about her ,finds a band name one direction they become really famous , but everyday she would call him he would ignore ,one time she finds him at the mall.................…jst wait^.^ I'm excited


1. Leaving ?!

Angie's ~ pov<3
I woke up by this sound of some knock on my apartment ,since my mom kicked me out of the house.when I opend the door ,I saw niall ,"ooh Heyy niall,what are you doing at my door so early in the morning" I said ,as he had a big smile on his face, "we'll I guess I have to tell you that I'm living to audition for the X Factor ,and well I'm going to say goodbye" he said "but why are you leaving, you haven't told me anything about this " I said when I starded to tear up,"niall,let me go with you" I whisperd , he gave me a big hug,and said ,"sorry I can't take anybody over there" he said,"I promise I will call or text you everyday ,alright" as he said goodbye ,one lastime.<3

Niall's ~POV
I left Angie's door,I felt so sorry for telling her that but it was the truth . My phone was ringing , who could it be ,I answered it "hello "I said "hey babbe it's me you're girlfriend ammy" ughh ammy is this girl who's been calling me her boyfriend ,for like a month already.I hung up I didn't want to hear from her anymore,I hate her I truly hate her.

Angie's ~<3
When niall left I wanted to tell him what I have been hiding from him ,I wanted to tell him that I love him , but I guess he won't see that .I decide to calll my cousin Hannah ,I love her she is the only girl that will understand me. I got my phone and dialed her number ,it rang like three times and she picked up,"Hannah" I said "hey girl watcha doin" she said "we'll niall came by and ,told me that he was leaving for the X Fa-" I was cut off when she said " did you tell him" she was so happy ,I had to tell her ,"look Hannah I didn't tell him ,I-I was afraid he wouldn't fill the same way"I said"ohh ok,I understand just dont keep in to long ,ok well bye love have to go " she said"ok,bye love you too". I hung up and decided to take a bath.
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