Do I love him?

this is my first 1D fanfic so please no hate and i'll try and update it :)


3. The Phone


********** Niall's POV***********


I looked along the floor as i sat on the edge of the stage, pleased with mine and the lads performance.

suddenly i spotted a mobile underneath a chair " Hey lads, check this out!" They came running from the extra large dressing room.

" I found a Phone"

******Liam's POV******

"Well is the owners number somewhere on it?" "yeah, in the case" said Niall while examining the phone.

" well who is going to call it?" Zayn asked confused. "well i think liam should because he has a calm and deep voice!" Louis said comically polite. 

"fine okay" I said, snatching the phone from Niall. 

Dialing the number i put on a straight face.

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