Do I love him?

this is my first 1D fanfic so please no hate and i'll try and update it :)


2. The concert

The concert was amazing! the audience interacted with the boys and they looked like there wasn't a care on the world on stage. halfway through Last First Kiss Liam looked at me briefly but kept looking at me throughout and missed out one of his lines and Harry smirked.

As the concert ended, the audience roared with applause for the boys as they exited by the left of the stage.

I opened the front door laughing at some ridiculous thing Sarah had said. I was about to check Facebook and reached my hand into my jeans pocket and i screamed " WHERE IS MY PHONE?!?!?!" Sarah looked at me, slightly shocked "I think i left it at the concert!" That was it, life over, mum is never going to let this go!


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