Do I love him?

this is my first 1D fanfic so please no hate and i'll try and update it :)


1. How it started...

Sarah ran up to me screaming in excitement. " Tara! i got it i have two!"

"Have two of what?" i asked suspiciously. "two tickets to the Take Me Home live tour!" Sarah said as if i was stupid.

"Your bluffing! you don't have the money!!" "i got a job a few weeks ago, babysitting for this woman who payed pretty well. She gave me £200 and i saved up for the rest.


*** Friday Night****


I'm putting on my new black converse and a brand new personalized varsity jacket with the names Liam , Harry, Niall, Zayn and Louis on it. there is a knock at the door and mum answers it. "Oh hello Sarah, please come in dear." my mum squeaks at her in delight as she glides into the corridor. 

"I'll just be a second!" I yell down the stairs while snatching my mobile, keys and purse off of the bedside table. I sprint down the stairs and greet Sarah with a friendly hug. "you ready to go?" i ask as a signal to say lets go before my mum makes us late. "yeah, lets go! see ya Mrs Wells ! " Sarah squeals and we are finally in the taxi.

I had put my mums phone number and my address on a post-it note which i put on the inside of my phone case as instructed by Sarah in case i lose it. Again. The taxi pulls up outside the entrance and i pay and run inside brushing past posters of the 5 magnificent boys, One Direction.

Sarah and I take our places in the seats we are allocated in. But I don't see much point in them as we wont be doing much sitting down.


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