"You think you want to die, but in reality you just want to be rescued."


5. Only Love

Sophie's Point of View

"Now watch my feet and try to do the same thing," Zayn constructed. I studied Zayns smooth movements while I tried to copy him. My arms tightly gripped to his arm and his hand clasped to my arm also. My feet were unsteady and clumsy. Zayn pulled me along his skates gliding on the ice. We were in a indoor ice skating rink, and it wasn't too cold. "Your getting the hang of it," he lied. I decided to give up and just let him pull me.

My eyes landed on his beautiful face. His features were so defined and perfect. From his tone skin, to his brown pool of eyes. He noticed me staring and smiled. His smile melted my insides and made me go crazy, its the feeling you get when you know you are in love.

"I think I'm in love," I told him. He abruptly stopped and took both my hands. "What did you just say?" he commanded. "I think I'm in love," I repeated, "with you,". He pushed a strand of hair behind my ear and tilted his head, leaning his lips closer to me. "I was always in love with you," he murmured before kissing me on my plush lips. I kissed him back. Its a feeling I could never describe. Everyone always says sparks fly when you kiss someone you love, but its more like the world explodes and its just you and this person and that's all you'll ever care about.

I felt my legs weaken and so my feet gradually gave in and I slipped on the ice. I was about to fall, but Zayns strong hands caught my hips. "You can't get away from me that easily," he teased. I beamed at him and wrapped my arms securely around his waist and tucked my head in his chest. He followed my gesture and cloaked my neck with his biceps.

Zayn bought me a hot chocolate after skating and I sipped it slowly. "Zayn, what do you do for a living?" I never used to ask him about his personal life. It never came up in conversation, but I became curious. Zayn was taken back by my question but answered it anyway. "I... um... work on cars," he hesitated, then casually answered. I didn't picture Zayn to be the kind of guy to work on cars. Plus his house was pretty big for an income of fixing cars. "If I'm staying with you-" I began but Zayn stopped me. He knew what I was gonna say, "Sophie, I can take care of you, I don't need you to get a job," he explained.

"Well what if I wanted to help?" I insisted. He shook his head, "Zayn, Its not that big of a deal, I can just get a day job at a drug store or something," I tried, "I mean what I'm going to do when you are at work? And I know your income cannot support the both of us, c'mon Zayn. I don't see the problem."

He sighed heavily, "I don't know Soph," I took a sip of my drink before almost shrieking, "Your not in charge of me!" he grabbed my hands I had slammed on the table, "Shh, I know babe, I know, your right. You should be able to help me," he agreed. I was glad he agreed with me, it wasn't fair that I live with him and not help out. I also hated how he treated me like I was a kid. What was he worried about anyway?

"There is a Walgreen's right down the road from the garage I work at..." Zayn offered. Zayns hands were still on mine, I began to trace my index finger on his Zap tattoo, "Okay sounds good," I mumbled. "Don't be mad," Zayn replied, "I'm sorry." I just shrugged. Zayn grabbed my chin when I tried to look away, "Sophie. I just don't want you to feel like you have to work, I know you can do it I have no doubt. I can handle us though. I love you baby, and I hate when you get mad at me," he explained.

When he called me baby. When he told me he loved me.  I can never stay mad at him. I smiled like a goof ball and watched as the corners on his lips turned up.

'Ive never met someone that's made me feel quite this way. Ive never met someone that's actually stayed. And only love can make me feel the way I do. And only love can make me see the world the way I do, when I'm with you.'

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