"You think you want to die, but in reality you just want to be rescued."


4. I Will Fall For You

Zayn's Point of View

My fingers slipped into her slim ones. I led us out of my tiny house and we cut across the dead grass. It was the time of year were the snow had just left for good, and you were awakened by that crisp feeling that hung in the air. Sophie's and my shoes scrapped the sidewalk, we walked slowly and lazily we were in no rush. She seemed skittish ever since I went to her room. I wonder what was one her phone. I know it had nothing to do with a phone bill. She was the worst at lying. She knew we would about it talk soon.

We walked to the local park and sat under a oak tree. Her head rested on my shoulder and my arm snaked around her waist. I played with her hair and we just sat there. The branches of the oak tree like a shield from the rest of the world. Silence surrounded us. Not in any awkward way. It was comfortable. It was still and relaxing. We were finally happy to be in each others presence without sneaking around.

All of the sudden I felt Sophie get stiff at my side. I moved some hair that was in front of her face to see her expression. It had fear all over at as she stared into the distance. I followed her gaze to a buff man with a black sweatshirt, his hood hid his face. He then turned around and we saw it wasn't her uncle. "Sophie?" she came out of the trance and looked up at me. "Is there something you need to tell me?" I could hear how stern my voice was. Her eyes began to form a thin water layer over them. "He sent me a text." she quietly said into my shoulder.

I didn't have to ask who she was talking about. I knew we were not going to be finished with her crazy uncle. "What was in the text?" I calmed my tone and tried to be more supportive. "He-he said- he was going to f-find me." she gasped. I pulled Sophie closer to me and whispered in her ear, "You aren't alone. I'm here. I will never leave. I'll keep you safe." she wept into my shoulder. It was painful for me to see her so upset. I rubbed her back until she calmed down a bit.

"Soph? Lets do something. Go somewhere exciting," I tried to change the subject. "Like where?" she wondered wiping her nose with the back of her hand. I placed my fingers under her eye lids and swiped away her tears. I thought for a moment. "Have you ever gone ice skating?" she shook her head, "No I've only seen it on T.V," I stood up and offered her a hand, "Well we better get going then,"

I pulled her up and we began our journey home. Her little voice spoke, "Zaynnn? Could you carry me?" I laughed before nodding. She climbed onto my back, the aroma of her scent gave me goose bumps. "Thank you," she softly twirled her fingers in my hair and then began to kiss my neck with her lips. My hands gripped her thighs and I walked us home. She gave me love bites all the way home.

Once we reached my front door. I dropped Sophie and she again thanked me again by kissing me on the cheek. I was a lot taller than her, so she had to pull herself up by wrapping her arms around my neck and standing on tip toes. "Let me get my keys and we will get going." I informed her. I opened my door and quickly grabbed my keys and ran back outside. "Wait Zayn! We cant go!" Sophie cried out. "What? Why?" I puzzled. " skate." Sophie admitted. "Are you serious?" I chuckled.

She honestly nodded.

"Don't worry about it. Ill teach you. I will fall for you," I promised.

'You and I, two of a mind. This love’s, one of a kind. You and I. We’re drifting, over the edge. And I will fall for you. And I will fall for you. If I fall for you. Would you fall too?'


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