My Problem not yours

Can cassandra get over her fear of her abusive father finding her and taking her or live fear and terror.


1. Is this me

Hi I'm cassandra I'm 17 and I'm obviously a girl so Now I gotta get on with this so ya. ICassandra's Pov. Its a new day I wonder what might happen today. I got up and got myself ready for this day. 30 minuetes later...... hey jamie I've been waiting for you were have you been? Oh you know just getting my self ready said jamie. So have you heard that one Direction coming to town? WHY didn't you tell me before cass. I had things to do today. Oh crap I'm late for work! Gotta run jamie see ya later.
Jamie's pov. Man that girl is always busy I wonder how she's gonna do.
Cassandra's pov. Im running as fast as I can I suddenly get real nervous. He walks into the building before I do. I'm runnning as fast as possible but when I get in the building I trip ad bump into the hooded man we both fall into a open elavator. As I get up I accidentaly click number 24 I freak out that guys in the elevator alone with me what am I gonna do. I look up I say I'm so sorry but isee his hood fell down and I see HARRY STYLES
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