My Problem not yours

Can cassandra get over her fear of her abusive father finding her and taking her or live fear and terror.


3. Holy Crap

Cassandra's POV, As i walked out of the elevator i saw harry walk to 4 other boys and they walked away. I looked at the paper he gave me, I wonder what this is? I looked at it and opened it. IT WAS HARRYS NUMBER OMG I HAVE HARRY STYLES NUMBER. I looked around nobody had noticed so i walked casually.

Harry's POV, Guys you should of seen her with her green eyes and blonde hair She was amazing. Ok harry we already heard your bigmouth like a billion times. But louis she was. shutup harry liam said. Ok fine then be like that.

Cassandra's  POV 6 hours later, Ahhh finally home atlast i didnt feel safe outside at daytime or night its just my fear. I went to the shower and stood there for about an hour or two. then i just collapsed onto my bed then harrys number popped into mind i jumped up and took out my phone 305-805-3693(NOT HIS REAL NUMBER) He picked up and said yello. its that girl from today........ Finnaly ive been waiting for you to call all day-harry. you've been waiting for me? yup beautiful all day-harry. OMG he just called me beautiful!!!!!!!!

Well beautiful how about it-harry How about what? Well do you wanna come over to my place tonight? ummm well YES. Alright the adress is -----------(blocked out for harrys concern). Can you come get me im not comfortable going outside? Sure be there in a bit.

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