My Problem not yours

Can cassandra get over her fear of her abusive father finding her and taking her or live fear and terror.



Harry's POV, I couldnt wait to see that girl again i want her so much. I finally was there i cant belive im gonna meet her! I knocked on her door she opened it carefully like she was scared?

Cassandra's POV, It was him actually i coudlnt belive it! Hi im harry he said. You ready to go beautiful he said. OMG HE SAID I WAS BEAUTIFUL I THOUGHT!

Louis POV, I heard them getting out of the car we got ready all the lights were off.

Cassandra's POV, We were just coming in when we walked in and all the lights were off harry went to turn them on but they wouldnt he grabbed his keychain and turned on a mini flashlight. we saw a hooded person we screamed and ran out!

Louis POV, Hahahaha oh my gosh that was the best he went and turned on the power and then called harry back and he came he looked pissed off!

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