Bestfriends with Dan and Phil

The story of Dan and Phils best friend and how they met.



‘2 million subscribers, are you fucking kidding me Dan? You are now actual proper internet famous’ I drop to my knees ‘I’m not worthy to be in your presence’

Dan straightened his back and started marching singing ‘I’m the king of the internet’

‘you do realise the internet is mostly filled with sleep deprived teenage girls who blog about their ovaries exploding, who is sexier Tom Hiddleston or Benedict Cumberbatch and writing fanfic’

‘exactly they are my kind of people’

‘I thought I noticed that your breasts were finally coming through Danette’

‘OH MY I have finally hit puberty’ Dan jumped up and down clapping his hands like a seal

‘fucking hell you’re a spaz’

‘yep that’s me, hey can you check and see I have all I need for coming to Vidcon’

‘Daniel Howell I am not your mother’

‘please please please ’ Dan grabbed my arm and dragged me to his bedroom

 ‘you have a flight to America in 4 hours and your only just checking that you packed enough now’

‘what can I say I am a lazy little shit’

An hour later I’m driving both Dan and Phil to the airport, they blast Muse through my speakers.

‘Cant we change it to something else, this is a little intense for my liking?’ I scream

Dan pushed the radio button and Kanye West blasts out, yep I was never going to win this fight against the apparent music  gods who had a fondness for music Dan and Phil liked. We arrived at the airport with plenty of time to spare, I was going to miss them though the flat would be quiet without their weird 2am filmings but it was only for a week.


*A week later*

Phil’s POV

Dan couldn’t seem to shut up about (y/n) it was although being away from her for even a little while had made him realise the crush that most of us had seen for a while. Problem was I almost thought I could to for a while but Claire had come into my life and I realised it was just a silly crush. Claire was one of (y/n)’s friends and the day (y/n) had introduced us I knew she was someone I wanted to get to know

‘Hey Dan what time do we land in London?’ I crouched on my seat I couldn’t wait to see Claire and (y/n) had mentioned she might bring her along so she wouldn’t get lonely on the ride to the airport plus I think (y/n) had figured out the crush I had on her.

‘The flight attendant said not for another hour! Why?’

‘Just curious’

‘Phil would you sit in your seat properly, seriously you are like a small child bopping around’

‘Sorry I’m just excited to be home’

‘Are you sure there isn’t another reason, perhaps a reason with blonde hair?’ Dan teased

‘Well you should be excited then too for a person with blue eyes’

‘What you? Should we really be encouraging those internet Phan shippers’

‘You know exactly who I’m talking about don’t play dumb, you gonna ask her out any time soon’

‘No I think it will make shit too weird ’

‘Chance it ’

‘Yeah maybe…’














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