Bestfriends with Dan and Phil

The story of Dan and Phils best friend and how they met.




‘Hey guys what’s up, so today my video is kinda about something that I don’t tend to like to talk about and that is relationships. Now before you guys get all crazy and like presume that I’m in a relationship… I’m not but that doesn’t mean I don’t look at relationships and wish I had that. So now it is story time with (y/n) because I know how much you guys love my epically long stories’

I proceed to tell my entire YouTube about meeting those 2 floppy haired British boys and how they were youtubers but I had never heard of them because I like to make videos and not watch them. As I finish my video I wonder if I have come across as a 12 year old fangirl, although fangirling about people I have met has to be different then asdfghjk-ing about Sherlock or John Green. Maybe, sometimes my own brain confuses me.

I now am going to spend my night editing and uploading and in the morning be mega tired. My doorbell rings which is unusual for me because usually people text or call before coming over, I peek out my curtains and to my surprise Dan and Phil are at my door, the guys from last night what the hell are they doing here.

I swing open the door and the look of relief on their faces says it all “hey guys, did you think you had the wrong house?”

Phil smiles “yes we were so worried that some lady with a moustache and a billion cats would open the door and be like, do you want to come in?”

I snort “do you want to come in?”

Dan laughs “sure, also you have a very nice beginner moustache happening, just give it time… the cats they will come to you”

They sit down on my couch; I grab some bottles of juice and hand them over.

“Ahh so I don’t mean to be rude but why exactly are you guys here?”

“Right sorry forgot we had only met once, Phil couldn’t stop talking about you so we thought we would casually stalk you”

I nearly spit out my juice “um, well….I … ahh …. Thanks I think”

“Hahahahah I’m joking”

“Oh thank god I was a little scared, so why are you here?”

Phil goes a little red “I left my phone here I think and I kind of need it”

“Oh real where do you think it is?”

“The kitchen?”

The three of us spend ½ an hour searching for Phil’s phone; we finally find it in the oven.

“Why exactly is your phone in the oven?”

“I honestly don’t know. Sorry about this”

“It’s ok I was waiting for something to upload anyway”

“Upload? What were you uploading?”

“Well I kind of make YouTube videos too”

“WHAT, why did you not mention this before?” Dan screeched

“It’s just a hobby nothing major; mostly it’s for my film class”

We continue to discuss our channels and subscribers and finally Dan mentions food.

“Guys it’s like 9:30 I am soooo hungry, I’m thinking Chinese food. Want to come with us (y/n)? We know good places in London”

“Yeah alright food might be a good idea”

The three of us head out for Chinese. 

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