Bestfriends with Dan and Phil

The story of Dan and Phils best friend and how they met.



Dan’s POV

It has been about a month into our beautiful friendship and we have pretty much spent every day together, when (y/n) got finally got removed… ok not removed but a series of events led her to be homeless. So I and Phil make a decision that it is time to clean out the room we have been using as a junk room and decide to let y/n move in with us.

“Hello internet how’s it going? The topic of today’s video is flat mates, ohh I know right big shocker there I wonder who Dan’s flat mate is? Ha-ha well actually circumstances have changed… no Phil has not moved out but someone has move in!! YAY I literally always thought me and Phil would live together forever just the two of us but as it turns out we kind of needed a woman’s touch… no not like that, I mean in our flat gees guys you always bring out the worst in me. Anyway I thought I would introduce her, now before you guys get all protective just remember friend not girlfriend ok…”

(y/n) sidles into view

“Hey guys! How’s it going?” (y/n) exhales loudly “honestly you guys don’t know how nervous I have been about making this video. Hi I’m (y/n)”

“So time for some EPIC GENERIC QUESTIONS ASKED BY YOU GUYS YAY (y/n) what do you do?”

“Well Dan I am so happy you asked. I am studying film and design and in my downtime I make YouTube videos like Dan and Phil”

“Tell us about your accent?”

“I’m from New Zealand originally”

“Oh really what is New Zealand like?”

“Well it’s green, it has sheep and lots of hobbits!”

“Oh really”

“Yes Dan there are really hobbits like Martin Freeman just wondering around”

“Well that is awesome”

“Ha-ha I’m 19 and I’m from a sheep farm in New Zealand”

“What’s it like living with Dan and Phil?”

“It’s ok, they are boys they smell and they are messy!”

“Do you know heaps of other you tubers?”

“No, not really I haven’t lived in England long and there aren’t many New Zealand youtubers out there”

“How did you meet Dan and Phil?”

“A party, my birthday which they crashed, yes the one time they have social lives they crash a random girls birthday”

“Do you plan on marrying Dan or Phil?” (y/n) smiles

“OMG do I ever I plan to actually marry both, I will marry Phil first because he is older and is most likely to die sooner or he will be easier to kill off, I then plan to marry Dan in an elaborate ceremony on the beach so the Dan can look like a dirty Mexican on our honeymoon. We shall have two kids and I plan to name them Phan and Danil. Ha-ha and incase some of you are not fluent in sarcasm. I AM NOT BEING FUCKING SERIOUS SO RELAX”

 To be continued


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